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Ready 46214

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Stupidity Crisis

    Exodus 36:1 (KJV)

Exodus 36 1 God has given everyone a skill. We did not accidentally evolve from scum that clung to the side of a pond. We were made by God for a purpose. We have value. We have individual worth. We have a mission and a goal given by God. Lucifer and his controlling oligarchy use the media and education to convince you that you are just a brick in the wall. You are NOT just cannon-fodder. You are not to be just a little Prussian soldier, cold, marching in the muddle while the rich and famous whine, wine and dine in their play boy mansion pool parties. See how God in the Bible mentions so many REGULAR people by name. Beat down dazed and confused people do not vote. They just sit back like sheeple and let their church and country crumple around them, but they feel safe they have a gun. Unless you have 300 million bullets your gun alone will not save you from a collapsed society. God said ye are the salt of the earth. It is easier to preserve your church and society than it is to rebuild it.


#readyindy46214 - hashtag




Prayer Warrior - (vacant)

Care Leader - (vacant)

Share Leader - (vacant)


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