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This page is affiliated with ReadyIndy & Christian Emergency Network & CityReaching Movement.  
(New to all this? START HERE.)


A Teamwork Model:  Our readiness training has given us a great template for any team accomplishing any mission...

  • Sound the alert.
  • Convene available advocates.  Who's All-In?  The more diverse the team, the more it models Christ-like self-sacrifice, and it witnesses Kingdom value of 'unity amid diversity'.
  • Hospitality & Prayer together.
  • Big Sizeup (assessment):  What'd you see along the way here?  Do we really know the extent/scope of the problem?  What are your team's capabilities currently?  If not, be sure to include further assessment as you plan new objectives (below).
  • Clarify roles (think diverse set of spiritual gifts at the table).  Here are the 5 core roles we try to ensure are present:
    • Leader(s) - Most-qualified (which may by reason of their geo-investment in the at-risk incident area.  By definition, the Leader is first-on-the-scene who recognizes the urgency/importance of the incident.  That person will naturally want to scale-up a team.  #leadersscale - think big - they alone can reach out to other teams and thus scale-up because they see the mission as so important.  Likely, the Leader is heavily invested in the geo-local incident area.  We honor that geo-investment, local expertise and relational network.
    • Planning/PIO = Information types who can capture, analyze, project, and serve leadership by communicating publicly as appropriate.
    • Logistics = Obtain resources and stage 'em.  Including Human Resources... ie, people, more workers.
    • PCS Operations = Git-er-done types who really can run the tactical operations... which is PrayerCareShare (PCS) down to the neighborhood level, home to home.  Btw, is it just possible that many many pastors are really Ops officers, and not really 'leaders'?  That's ok, in fact vitally important, but we need 'leaders' too.  Tactical operations require the vast majority of an overall effort -- primarily organized geographically into Divisions and PCS StrikeTeams who are the hands & feet willing to do the life-on-life meeting of needs. Hopefully, these are the ground-troops.  Lots & lots of ground troops.  In most cases, these teams are churches and their neighborhood teams.
      • PCS Ops Support Branch = Prayer-Care-Share Specialists providing expertise and other forms of support for the PCS Operations.  Example:  Prayer-networkers, CareMgmt Call Centers, Chaplains, Trainers. 
  • Develop the (written) Action Plan for the upcoming operational period, including...
    • Set objectives.  Key objectives for the upcoming operational period.  (ie, til you plan to meet again)
    • Set tasks for each role, toward the Objectives.
  • Any JIT = Just-in-Time Training needed?  Special briefings re Safety/Security, Communications.
  • Go Execute.
  • Re-convene as planned.  And run the iterative cycle all over again.




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