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New to all this?    Here are some concise overviews and how you can get involved quickly...



You're inside a growing wiki-knowledgebase of info, generally arranged city-by-city, in hopes of helping expedite the Great Commission.  We call it the 'CityReaching' wiki.

  • What is the 'CityReaching' movement?  It's "the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole city".  It is primarily a grass-roots movement (thus the wiki as a collaborative platform to help us all learn to work together via knowledge-sharing).  The front-page of the wiki answers to the name CityReaching.org.  The largest 'organization' involved with the movement is Mission America Coalition... notably their CityReaching.com division.  Its leaders are active in helping you connect & communicate in cities throughout the country.... through (free) monthly teleconference-calls, and/or regional city-impact roundtables. 


  • What is the Christian Emergency Network?  It's a concerted effort to grow a sense of 'readiness' (things both urgent & important) in each and every city.  CEN strives to train ReadyChristians, ReadyChurches, and ReadyCity(s).
    • Question:  Ready to do what? 
    • Answer:  Ready to pray, care, and share the Good News of hope and peach through Jesus Christ, with our friends and neighbors.
    • How to get started:  Hit this page at ChristianEmergencyNetwork.org, watch the video and click their 'GettingStarted' page.



  • What is ReadyIndy?  It's the Greater Indianapolis metro chapter of the national Christian Emergency Network.  Our goal is to prosper citywide readiness via collaborative ReadyChurch(es) and by training ReadyChristian(s).














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