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New to all this?    Here are some quick overviews and how you can get a quick start...



You're inside a growing wiki-knowledgebase of info, generally arranged city-by-city, in hopes of helping expedite the Great Commission.  We call it the 'CityReaching' wiki.

  • What is the 'CityReaching' movement?  It's "the whole church taking the whole gospel to the whole city".  It is primarily a grass-roots movement (thus the wiki as a collaborative platform to help us all learn to work together via knowledge-sharing).  The front-page of the wiki answers to the name CityReaching.org.  The largest 'organization' involved is Mission America Coalition... notably their CityReaching.com division.  Its leaders are active in helping you connect & communicate in cities throughout the country.... through (free) monthly teleconference-calls, and/or regional city-impact roundtables. 


  • What is the Christian Emergency Network?  It's a concerted effort to grow a sense of 'readiness' (things both urgent & important) in each and every city.  CEN strives to train ReadyChristians, ReadyChurches, and ReadyCity(s).
    • Question:  Ready to do what? 
    • Answer:  Ready to pray, care, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our friends and neighbors.
    • How to get started?  











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