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(Return to ReadyIndy_EOP)  (Were you really looking for the archived IncidentActionPlan from ReadyCity2014?



The Incident Action Plan (IAP) is only a COMPONENT of our overall Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

  • And each IAP is only for 1 specific Ops Period (eg 24-hr, or Weekly plan).  So an incident may well have several IAPs.
  • Each successive IAP is built & approved BEFORE the commencement of that OpsPeriod.
  • Therefore know that while one OpsPeriod's IAP is being executed, 
    the leadership team is planning ahead, building & finalizing the IAP for the upcoming OpsPeriod.
  • And there is a standard cadence for this planning process, called the Planning-P.
  • Putting that Planning-P process into a standardized hour-by-hour timeframe is called a 'Battle-Rhythm'.
  • Many/most Emergency Mgmt Agencies have a predefined, default Battle-Rhythm.
  • And as affiliated teams have worked together, they've sync'd their battle-rhythms to coordinate more effectively.
  •  Example:  @IDHS @HamiltonCoEOC ... and @ReadyIndy... had complementary battle-rhythms.



The Incident Action Plan (IAP) for an OpsPeriod could be officially maintained as ICS Form 202 by the Planning Section.

Or in the interest of simplicity complete ICS Form 201 (as a summarized briefing) - with essentially all the same info, and more.   Here's FEMA's complete set of ICS forms you may need.  An extensive IAP will be built as 1 set, consisting of several/many of these ICS forms.


When setting Objectives, think S.M.A.R.T:  
trategic/Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results/Research-based, Time-bound.

Example:  #ReadyCity2013 Exercise SMART Objectives (public link)  (Edit SMART spreadsheet


Alternative Formats:

  • The following IAP format (simple) may be used if practical.
    (perhaps especially in the early hours of an incident).
  • The matrix IAP sheet within the ReadyIndy Workbook - has a column for each OpsPeriod. 
  • A more basic looking google-doc, much like we'd use for an Event Action Plan.  (template) 


Completed   Tasks   Responsible  
  Objective #1 -- Communication throughout network    
Tier 1 Alert - Activation tweet - Maintain @ReadyIndy twitter acct _________
Tier 1 Alert - Activation email _________
  Launch (and maintain) Situation Screen, map, scorecard, links, documents _________
  Launch (and maintain) Incident-thread in Facebook EOC  _________ 
   Launch (and maintain) Incident posts/comments in Facebook PUBLIC page  _________
  Continue recruiting Tier1 & VOST personnel, including Prayer warriors _________
  Provide Incident Status Briefings Daily (audio, on Ext 17 & social-media) _________
  Tier 2 - Communicate Needs & Recruit Sponsoring Churches - after they become available online in Meet_The_Need _________
  Objective #2 -- Support Church Operations to Provide Direct-aid  
Initial Assessment -  Ops Team 

As practical, make contact with affiliate community agencies involved.  For example:

  • DHS - Indianapolis
  • Mayor's Nhood Liaison
  • Center Township Trustee
  • Marion Co Health Dept  
  Care-Mgmt complete 'Intake Form' per family - re major incident-related Needs.  CareTeam 
  Input Intake Forms (carefully) into Meet_The_Need - Caution:  No confidential info online. CareTeam
  Recruit volunteers, process and schedule as needed.  Use Meet_The_Need. Logistics
  Inventory related Resources (apt options, transportation options)  Logistics 

















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