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Compiling our Activities Journal and AAR (After Action Review)
Help us by write/edit this wiki-document.  Need help helping?
And now, on to planning #ReadyCity2014  


Affiliated with ReadyIndy & Christian Emergency Network & CityReaching Movement.

(New to all this? START HERE.)


(Below is the 'Situation Screen' we'll be working through on Sept.21st during #ReadyCity2013.)

Today's Objectives:   A. Grow citywide Christian readiness through learning together.   B. Conduct annual readiness exercise... with two objectives...  
           #1 Maximize citywide communications, reaching churches & affiliates.   #2 Simulate a church setting up a P.O.D.


Timeline:   - RollCall/Alerts/CheckIn/Assignments --> 8am Vol Triage & Establish EOC --> 8:30am Roundtable Discussion of 'Issues' as 'Hazards' --> 10:00am ICS Overview & IncidentActionPlan with SMART Objectives -->  11am Role Training Sessions - 12:00pm IMPD Community Mixer & Food - 1pm Execute Exercise - 3pm After-Action-Review/Awards - 4pm Demobilization (Adjourn) - Results Briefing - Future Steps?


Task Checklists per Role:   Leader - Ops - Safety - PCS - Prayer - Care - Share/MyHope - Logistics - PIO - Planning - SituationUnit - ResourceUnit - Credentials - ReadyVOST       



Or go see larger Incident listfeed.


Describe First-Responders Overview:

(From a technical perspective:  Incident Type, Hazards, etc)


Describe ReadyIndy & Affiliates Overview:

(From a 'lives' perspective, how we can help most, etc.) 


(Click to this 'Incident' map)  (Click to our general Metro Ministry Map)  
View Incident in a larger map


Video  (Click to playlist)

Slideshow (click for detail)


             (update scorecard)




Hope!  Peace with God.  Friends.


Blankets, bottled water, baby supplies, gift-cards, $$$. 

(Do NOT need more clothes.)


Chaplains, pastors, prayer-warriors.


Trained/Affiliated Volunteers

Sudden Untrained Vols (SUV's)

Digital volunteers (VOST)



      (when activating)


___% Rollcall Tier1 Contacted

___% Rollcall Tier2 Contacted


___ Onsite Assignments filled.

___ VOST Assignments filled.


WYNS HelpDesk Wiki



HDI Institute Tips Sheets 

Which CITY's Wiki-page




Total Families Impacted


Total Individuals Impacted



Families Reached


% Families Reached


Families Displaced


Cases under Mgmt



Team Hrs Logged













Learning Objectives:

  • 'Intro To ReadyCity' certificate = Introduces the ReadyChristian, ReadyChurch, ReadyCity & CityReaching concepts during our Roundtable portion as we also work through theological and multicultural 'hazards'.
  • And ultimately, obtain hands-on experience during our 2-hr 'exercise'.



  • Team-building:  How to go from 'Chaos' to 'Order' in one day.
  • During an emergency, what special challenges arise due to multicultural and language differences?
  • 'Communication' is an underlying foundational step to any teamwork.  Learn the 'PIO' role.
  • In just thirty minutes, learn to how to share the gospel in times of crisis.



Our current timeline for the day... (This follows our emergency protocols sequence for any emergency)...

  • RollCall Enroute (Btw, building will be open at 7am for setup.) 
  • 8:00am 'Volunteer Triage'.
  • 8:30am  Roundtable Discussion:  Assessing Our Teamwork Capability in the City
    • The Question (for every topic-table):   "During an emergency, what are the 'hazards' to effective teamwork?  How can we navigate/mitigate these hazards?"
      • Theology (Lausanne Lessons?)
      • Government  (Richmond Hill Lessons?)
      • Multicultural (Ethnic, Generational, Rich/Middle/Poor, Terrorist Emergency?) (Katrina Lessons? Chin Donation Lessons? Gospel Lessons?)
      • Language (Spanish, Chin, Deaf, etc) 
  • 10:00am  ICS Overview (Steve Pappas) 
  • 10:30am  Building an Incident Action Plan... with S.M.A.R.T. Objectives 
  • 11:00am  Round-robin Role Training:  Leaders - Ops/Safety - Planning/PIO - Logistics - PCS (Prayer-Care-Share)
  • 12:00pm   IMPD 'Community Day' Displays (outside), Interactions & Food
  • 1:00pm  Exercise (til 2:59pm)
  • 3:00pm  After-Action-Review ('hotwash')
  • 3:30pm  Awards Ceremony
  • 3:59pm  Adjourned.
  • (then reset the room and clear the building by 5pm)





Evaluation Measure of event success:
(score a 'before' and 'after' for each; 1 to 5 stars) 

  • How to organize chaos into team action & accomplishment?  ____ to ____
  • Awareness and how to mitigate/overcome Christian community Issues/Hazards?  ____ to ____
  • Importance/Understanding of Roles, Training & Team Exercises?  ____ to ____
  • My ability to accelerate impact through scaling?  ____ to ____
  • Our ability to help our city's Christian community become ready for prayer, care & share?  ____ to ____



Stray Notes:
















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