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Collects and organizes and provides (to decision-makers) ongoing incident information, prepares incident summaries, and forecasts future events related to the incident.


The Situation Unit needs to be located at the EOC.  (And our VOST unit may be invited to help staff it.)




  • Situation Unit Goals:  
    • Provide Intelligence (Situation Report = SitRep), not just 'history'.
    • Answer the questions BEFORE Leaders/Ops have to ask.
    • Support Operations with what they need to know.
    • Quality, Useful, Timely Maps/Displays
  • Monitoring the situation -- Incident Risks/Threats, Opportunities... and Monitoring progress of our Incident Action Plan.  Tasks to Accomplish This:   
    • Incoming situational info.  The best way is to be able to aggregate (re-keying as necessary) into one unified stream of info via Submit Your SitRep Form online.  Here are some of the various sources that information may come to you initially:
      • Ideally, ALL of the various types of incoming items would come via our simplified SitRep Form -- thus avoiding us having to rekey anything.  Examples:  Neighborhood Damage reports, church status-reports -- Here's our SitRepsReceived spreadsheet.  
        • (And won't this example Consolidated Scorecard model be great, rolling up numbers someday?) 
        • Other forms of sitreps coming in:
        • Our HelpLine phone -- Extension 22 (for SitReps).  Key the essential info into our SitRep Form.  (This function may not be available in time for our 9/28/2019 Exercise, sorry.) 
        • TEXTS of situational importance, coming to any of our staff.  Or phone-calls to staff.  Curate and pass them along appropriately to the SitUnit.  Re-key them into our SitRep Form as appropriate.
        • PAPER Form -- 
        • 3x5 Cards --  
        • Email -- although during an incident, emailing goes crazy and few people can really keep up with the blight of emails (not to mention, ReplyAll emails, ugh).   Get the word out:  We will only be responsible for emails coming to Situation at ReadyIndy (.org).  Instead, please use the SitRep Form, or call it in.
        • Monitor twitter-list-feeds we now have on our EmergencyDashboard at present.   And remember, we've created an Incident list-feed; so you'll need to populate it as you figure out who the best tweeps are to follow per incident.  Remember @DougKarr @MarkCWarner(?) ? 
        • PIO's Social-Media Team  - act like field-observers; so use social media tweeps as practical; obtain photos, video, text.   Invite CityVOST to help monitor other social-media... Facebook, email, etc.  Example:  Trusted VOST staff may helpfully rekey (or fill-in missing) data from various sources --> into our primary SitRep Form.  Or they may assist in plotting the incoming SitRep Responses --> onto our SitMap. 
        • Prayer-requests & Praises -- coming in via our various prayer networks.  Some are acute and actionable, and should be entered as a SitRep into our system. 
        • Operations Section -- from ReadyChurch or other information providers.  
        • 800 mhz county radios --
        • Ham-radios --
        • Zello walkie-talkie app -- 
        • Scanner App --  
        • Staff Telecon Line -- enroute to EOC during activation.  Or during other staff telecon mtgs throughout the incident.
        • Interactions with our affiliates -- including county EOC, ESF6, COAD, CERTs or jurisdictional response-units. 
        • JIC or individual Media outlets (trusted) --  
        • Carrier-pigeons. 
  • Display resulting Intelligence:   (Think GreatCommission2020.com model, to work toward ideally.)
    • Situation_Next - our public (unless necessarily secured in a particular incident) - is our primary all-in-one place to get our heads around an incident situation. 
    • @ReadySituation - Exclusively for use in rolling-up most important actionable info for Leader & Ops officers. Appears in our Situation_Next screen.
    • Maps R Us!  (our current metro ministries map) -- We MUST provide map(s) relative to the scope of the incident.  A picture's worth a thousand words.  And just like weather-maps give you value by rolling the weather-model 'forward' a few hours (or days), likewise our mapping function would do well to be able to advance the model, for ease in understanding the future.
    • Metrics -- (our current overall Indianapolis metrics scorecard) -- What are the most important indicators of progress (and remaining accomplishments needed)?
    • (And how should we display the progress toward the Incident Action Plan?  Or conversely, the remaining accomplishments to be done?  Think of the little 'progress bars' that we like... say re the training courses, as they indicate % of remaining things in a course section.  Or think YouTube video progress-bar.)












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