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"Pray the Lord of the Harvest will send forth LABORERS into His harvest field."

Written Call-out/Alerts/CheckIn/Assignments Procedure
CHECK-IN (on Facebook Core Group) yet?

(New to all this?)


Increasingly, we're documenting and performing this Assignments task within our ReadyIndy Workbook.  Roles sheet.

Here's the ICS Form 203 (blank) -- GREAT FORM!
(Old) Looking for
#ReadyCity2014 Assignments so far?





ICS Form 203 -- Assignments Template (Prepared by Planning, ResourcesUnit)

Incident Name:  _________________________ 

Date:  _______________________


People Checked-In
Still Unaccounted-for
(Here's our entire 'Roster')

Leaders (& Liaisons) 

  • Confer. Authorize activation & alerts.
  • Convene the Team.
  • Set the Objectives.
  • Delegate to Ops.
  • Scale:  Reach organizational affiliates 
MikeBoler - CEN national office - Rollcall of Organizations - Jeremy Bialek - Bill Toombs - Bill Goodrich - Gerson Cardona - Margarita Hart - Don Hawkins - Merlin Gonzales - Carl Lamb - Ethan Maple - Del Bock - Tom Burton - Mark Fidler - Eldon Kibbey - Carl Liggins - Trey Davis - Tom Miller - David Page - Monty Mullenix - Mike McCann - Barry Waits - 
  • Liaison

Operations (& Safety) 

Steve Pappas,  CherrylBundy, Dennis Tooley, Mike Wolcott, Tim White, Hosea Baxter (Training), Jodi Smith, Davinci Richardson, Tone Morrow, Rick Mohler, Sharise Toombs, Mike Wright, James Liddell (safety)
  • Security
 James Liddell Monty Thurman (backup to Steve re Safety/Security)

PCS (Prayer, Care, Share) 

@RevWolley - Dayvid Brown, Mary Byers, Annetta Unseld, Tammi Gant,.
  Gene Miller, Joyce Yant, Ruth Jackson, Mary Byers, Rob Griepentrog, Matt Barnes, Anthony Beverly, Maxine Gilliam, Kathryn Lee (will begin 'phone' tree).
  Doty Simpson-Taylor, Hope Pottenger, Alice Duke, Dawn Johnson (Medical), Marcy Snow, Gayle Sprinkle, Steve Philhower
  Stan Lovins, Bill Lamb, Mecwan,
Logistics (Staging Resources) 
Shirley Walker - Nancy Buening, Connie Anderson-Sweatt, Beth Knight-Crum, Jesus Lopez (for Oasis church) 
  • Just-In-Time Training
  • Facilities 
  • Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Financial Donations
Planning (Info)
NeilCox -BenMcCann, Melissa, Ellen, Tia, Theresa, KimScott-Miller, Dian, Justin, DavidMWhite, Susannah, MonroeBush - TimTarvin - Holly -   
(fill this role asap, to take over this Assignments sheet!)
  NeilCox - LloydColston - BenMcCann - MikeBoler - MistiMcHatton - MaryMarr - JonMcHatton - MikeMarshall - JarvisJustinCreasy - @AmyBeth601 (soon) - Any others just now joined CEN's VOST response-group
    • VOST - OPS (preferably virtual)
(fill this role asap, to take over this Assignments sheet!)
    • VOST - Google admin  
  Onye Ndike - LaurieLong - PhilM  
SUV Triage - to be discussed later.    (future)  



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