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This Incident-page is currently ON-HOLD, awaiting local Kokomo involvement.
  Consider joining 
Kokomo Facebook group for teamwork interactions.


Incident Plan Objectives:   #1 Communicate throughout our Network    #2 Collaborate with the most-local church(es) to provide direct-aid to survivors.

Incident Plan Timeline:   Bookmoves --> RollCall/Alerts --> EOC --> Pray, Role Assignments, Size-up/Hazards, Set Objs/Tasks, JIT Training --> Execute!
Key Dates Ahead:  SunVols - MonTownMtg - MonReadyKokomoMtg - ___CaseMgmtBegins -    
Task Checklists:   Leader - Ops - Safety - PCS - Prayer - Care - Share - Logistics - PIO - Planning - SituationUnit - ResourceUnit - Credentials - ReadyVOST       


(Note: Sorry, Twitter has changed their widget API -- we'll be rebuilding this feed when time allows.)

Or go see larger Incident listfeed.


Describe First-Responders Overview:

(Wikipedia overview & demographics) 

@IDHS is Incident Command (yes?) NO.

Larry Smith, HoCo EMA Director NO, not him either.
Fire-chief is the IC, per MikeB

See #hocoFLOOD tag-stream

Video from @KokomoHerald

5/2/13 Article @KokomoHerald

5/8/2013 @KokomoTribune re FEMA denial

Hazards Checklists - incl FLOODING


Describe LTRG Overview:

Just getting organized. Photo. Van Taylor, Leader  Stay tuned.


Describe ReadyKokomo Overview:

'Lives' Perspective:  Lots of muck-outs accomplished, LTRG needs our participation.  Community needs our help most via Care-mgmt.  


(Click to full-screen Map)
View Ready Kokomo in a larger map


Video  (Click to playlist)

Slideshow (click for detail)




Hope!  Peace with God.  Caring friends. Good Information.


Supplies, Appliances, etc - See current list of needed items per HoCo site.

Chaplains, pastors, prayer-warriors.

Trained/Affiliated Volunteers

Sudden Untrained Vols (SUV's)

Digital volunteers (VOST)

HoCo UnitedWay Vols = Call 211





___% Rollcall Tier1 Contacted

___% Rollcall Tier2 Contacted


___ Onsite Assignments filled.

___ VOST Assignments filled.


Indiana Baptists are greatly involved.

ReadyIndy on-loan to ReadyKokomo

ReadyVOST (available?) CENgroup

CEN's Kokomo Response Group

Kokomo Contacts List (CEN) 



Hazards Checklists - incl FLOODING

HoCo 211 Resource .pdf for survivors 

File for Prop Assessment Credits ! 

Our CareMgmt/CaseMgmt wiki-page

WYNS HelpDesk Wiki


HDI Tips Sheets



Total Families Impacted


Total Individuals Impacted



Families Reached


% Families Reached


Families Displaced


Cases under Mgmt



Team Hrs Logged






(We try to keep the very most important 'incident' situation info summarized above-the-fold.
Other Kokomo cityreaching info is found below.)












What's the status of the Great Commission in Kokomo?

  • How would we objectively see progress?  Revealing metrics?


Revealing Question:  Who's calling The Church together as the body of Christ in Kokomo?



Collaborative, Bible-believing Churches & Ministries:


What Teamwork Roles Are People Committed To:

  • Leaders -- scale through collaboration
  • Operations -- The 'git-er-done' managers
  • Meeting Needs -- thru Prayer, Care & Share
  • Staging Resources -- Bringing volunteers & equipment to the situation
  • Information -- admins, communicators, social-media.


Twitter accounts to follow:



Misc links...












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