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For the comprehensive view of the site and its training capabilities, visit MeetTheNeed.org.  Below, are some key components of the training:



City Overview



Meet The Need Promotional Overview



I only want to VIEW a NEED:

  • x
  • x
  • x


I only want to PRAY, or help PROMOTE a NEED:

  • x
  • x
  • x


I only want to help FILL A NEED:

  • x
  • x


I only want to POST a NEED:

  • x
  • x
  • x




How To Get A Volunteer Log-in and Join a team.

Start here... Fill out this form individually.  Check the 'NONE' box re your church or organization to keep things simple; we'll connect to your ministry later in the process.  When complete, notice your name appears in the upper-right corner -- "Hi Neil".  Click the MyAccount link there.  It'll take you to your 'DASHBOARD'.   (So think:  'MyAccount' = Dashboard)


(Caveat:  Administrator, notice:  You'll need to click the MyAccount link under ReadyIndy -- not the MyAccount link in the upper right).


  • (Subtlety:  By going this route for registering, it will NOT auto-generate an email alerting our admins to a newly-pending member.  What we SHOULD do instead, is create a route to this registration process by FIRST asking our people to 'adopt a need'... albeit our 'need' for ongoing volunteers.  That will not only let them register, but will also generate an email to our admins that says someone just registered to meet our posted-need for ongoing volunteers.  Thus someone will go approve such a member.)


  • When APPROVED, you'll be able to log-in easily and directly among ReadyIndy folks using THIS LINK.
  • (Optional:  For the Oklahoma Tornado incident, consider joining THIS GROUP as well.)



Your Account Dashboard Overview

(Is there a video for INDIVIDUALS to learn how to navigate their Dashboard?)



Connect With A Ministry Team

Click the 'Connect With My Church/MINISTRY' -- Notably, connect to 'ReadyIndy'.

P.S... Don't worry about the mention of 'your church' or 'Organizational sign-up' yet.  We'll deal with that in a separate training once your church signs-up officially.



Post a Need

  • [Only the well-trained 'key contacts' for your organization will have approval levels sufficient to post needs.]
  • Step One:  SEARCH existing needs or offers -- your solution may be waiting on you already!
  • Step Two:   Post your need.




Watch all the videos?  (Or which ones in particular?)

  • 1. 
  • 2.  
  • 3.  




Neil's notes... Remaining Issues:

  • Is there a video showing How An INDIVIDUAL Can Learn Their Dashboard?
  • Is there a video showing How To Get A Log-in?  How To Connect With A Ministry Team?
  • Reminder for 'Key' contacts:  If you think you're having issues, clear your cache, and re-enter from the MTN home-page.
  • Develop a hand-out for volunteers to take home -- so they can remember how to do certain things.)




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