For the comprehensive view of the site and its training capabilities, visit  Below, are some key components of the training:



City Overview



City Testimony:  Oklahoma City 



Meet The Need Promotional Overview



I only want to VIEW a NEED(s):


I only want to PRAY, or help PROMOTE a NEED:


I only want to help FILL A NEED:


I only want to POST a NEED:




How To Get A Volunteer Log-in and Join a team.

Start here... Fill out this form individually.  Check the 'NONE' box re your church or organization to keep things simple; we'll connect to your ministry later in the process.  When complete, notice your name appears in the upper-right corner -- "Hi Neil".  Click the MyAccount link there.  It'll take you to your 'DASHBOARD'.   (So think:  'MyAccount' = Dashboard)


(Caveat:  Administrator, notice:  You'll need to click the MyAccount link under ReadyIndy -- not the MyAccount link in the upper right).





Your Account Dashboard Overview

(Is there a video for INDIVIDUALS to learn how to navigate their Dashboard?)



Connect With A Ministry Team

Click the 'Connect With My Church/MINISTRY' -- Notably, connect to 'ReadyIndy'.

P.S... Don't worry about the mention of 'your church' or 'Organizational sign-up' yet.  We'll deal with that in a separate training once your church signs-up officially.



Post a Need




Watch all the videos?  (Or which ones in particular?)




Neil's notes... Remaining Issues: