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The Incident Commander/TeamLeader will quickly recruit/delegate responsibility for all tactical functions to the...


Operations & Training Officer... who will in turn recruit/delegate to:

  • Planning/PIO Officer = Providing/Publishing INFORMATION.
  • PCS Officer = Meeting NEEDS thru Prayer-Care-Share
  • Logistics Officer = Staging RESOURCES




Operations Officer - (Steve Pappas,  Backups: Ben, ConnieAndersonSweatt & _______).
Direct all tactical aspects to achieve the objectives today.  Set-up Emergency Operations Center.  Communicate with county Ops Officers.  Develop the big-sizeup including hazards, demographics of the incident, and even enumerating which of our teams have been rendered helpless, and which other units can help most.  Where are available church-shelters located? What church buses are available for transportation to shelters.  [All Ops Officers will work with their Logistics Officers to ascertain that information.]  Determine how we would best add a force-multiplier to the disaster solution. Prioritize what certified resources are needed most.  Execute, execute, execute.  Ok, here are the buddy-teams as assigned during an emergency:

  • BuddyTeam#1 -- Safety/Security
  • BuddyTeam#2 -- Building-Scheduling
  • BuddyTeam#3 --Technology & Cyber-security 
  • BuddyTeam#4 -- Training?



CEN Training of Ops Officer(s)   (download the CEN Ops Manual)


Operations Officer Checklist



Potential Tactical Operations Needed:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Setting up Prayer-Care-Share stations throughout an impacted area.
  • (Citywide communications are a part of every incident, and generally not considered a TACTICAL operation -- thus our citywide communications network is largely a Planning/PIO functionality; not Operations per se.)
  • Maintaining a Call Center.
  • Extreme Communications.  That is, if communications outages are so prevalent that extreme measures are needed -- eg, forming a 'spoke-and-wheel' communication network for the city -- using handheld radios, motorcycles, bicycles, to courier lists & messages, passing out flyers, etc.
  • Maintaining a POD (Point of Distribution).
  • Coaching a church-team (eg, SPC).
  • Coaching another city-network in its formation stage.
  • Manage a Volunteer Onboarding Center - perhaps collaboratively affiliated with INVOAD in whatever practical ways.
  • Transportation Logistic Center?



















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