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PrayerCareShare (PCS) Officer


Point-person(s) to help contact and build-out the citywide teams for 'prayer', for 'care', and for 'share' (evangelism) friends.  As other people are available, develop leaders for EACH section role...

  • Prayer -- Sometimes we're too far from the scene to do anything but pray.
  • Care -- Sometimes we arrive at the scene and give care in a number of ways.  Or after the initial shock is over, we set up 'CareMgmt' (often called case-mgmt in ICS terminology) to immediate start expediting relief.
  • Share -- Sometimes it's appropriate to overtly share the Good News that offers eternal hope.  (IndyChristianTV video).  Other times we model the gospel by serving with our hands/feet until we earn the right to share the gospel with words.


And of course, anyone who's credentialed as a pastor, chaplain or counselor, may be well-suited to fill any of the above roles when called upon.


The PCS officer is also responsible for the 'team's well-being during the emergency/disaster.  Pray with ReadyIndy team-members, encourage them, and serve/assist them in practical ways.  Remember, even team-members can experience burn-out during a disaster.  Maybe even encounter a crisis-of-faith themselves = they need your friendship and stalwart courage.


Various PrayerCareShare Resources:



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