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ReadyIndy Metro Planning/PIO Role


Until additional staff become available during an incident, this role begins as a combined role, along with PIO.


Planning = Collect & analyze centralized bin of information.  Develop/maintain the plan.

PIO = Communicate that information internally & externally. 


Examples:  Maintain the 'Situation Overview' for the metro-leader & Operations Officer  (on whiteboard, iPad or projected-screen).  Maintain Roster & Check-In Log.  Follow pre-established checklist of tasks to accomplish:  including generating our 'Alert' (via twitter etc), adding it to our website, pointing everyone there... and requesting their damage-reports (for our sizeup). Make contact with local EMA/DHS PIOs.  When our metro team then determines its 'Incident Action Plan' (IAP), develop an appropriate 'message' and communicate it widely. Press-release to media-outlets, and via social-media, and our friends who distribute via email lists."





Planning/PIO's Checklist During An Emergency Activation: 


Caveat:  LostCommunication?  


Planning Checklist 
(FEMA's Planning Checklist
PIO Checklist 

Expedite Call-Out/Checkins/ASSIGNMENTS process!
           (Monitor the Facebook Core Group incident thread)

Recruit a PIO -->  
Start Incident Action Plan (Form202) 


Start Meeting Agenda 

In charge of ReadyIndy.org website.
In charge of @ReadyIndy (on Twitter).
In charge of ReadyIndy's PUBLIC Facebook 'PAGE'.
Ensure that our initial alerts went out.

"Emergency Alert.  We're activating our Incident Action Plan .. ReadyIndy_EOP - publishing updates @ReadyIndy and using the #ReadyCity tag and others.
  Ensure no MIS-communications! 

If necessary, modify our SitRep Response Form that anyone could use.  We use the 'Form' feature of the results-spreadsheet

Recruit Situation Unit

Everyone, sound the initial 'Alert' via YOUR sphere of influence! (If large scope, see... Rollcall_of_National Affiliates).  Locally, our Liaison(s) will reach out to Indianapolis Networks.

Network examples:  

  • Leader's networks = CEN national, our local Affiliates, our CBMC network.
  • PCS Officer's networks = PrayerNetworks; see IndyPrayer.org for list. 
  • OPS Officer's networks = ICM.  Logistics Officer's networks =_____(what?). 
  • Planning/PIO Officer's networks = as follows...
    • Tweet @IndyPrayer - mobile-alert system (where shall we keep our key passwords?)

Recruit Resources Unit

Recruit VOST Team - Virtual Operations Support Team...

... volunteers helping us via the internet -- everyone can help - click to find your niche.


  • One particular function CityVOST can help with, is... Track the RollCall by monitoring the check-ins at the FBgroup, vs. our Roster.  As practical, try to followup any missing key players.
Recruit Financial Resources Unit (optional)
  • Use Neil's Excel Template.
  • Work with Logistics-Financial to get receipting process going. 

Text/Call Your 9-county PIOs - You should already know who they are, and have them on 'speed-dial'.  But if not, go sort Roster into Role-order.  Set up your call-order so that you only have to reach 3 primary county PIOs, and they in turn will reach 2 more counties, each.


    • MarionCo PIO (Cherryl) - contact HendricksCo & HancockCo PIO's.
    • JohnsonCo PIO - (Ben, TeamLeader) - contact MorganCo & ShelbyCo PIO's.
    • HamiltonCo PIO (Neil) - contact BooneCo & MadisonCo PIO's.
      • Westfield/Sheridan PIO
      • Fishers/Noblesville PIO
      • Carmel PIO (me)- ClayTerrace_EOP (me)
      • ReadyChurches here?
      • Ministries to contact, too?


Recruit Documentation Unit

  • Start Incident Log 
  • Provide ICS Forms as needed 
     (pdf containing all) (MS Word versions)
    • 201 Briefing (Summary of Situation Sizeup, Objectives, Activities, Resources)
    • 202 IAP (ours)
    • 203 Assignments List (ours)
    • 204
    • 205  Radio/Phone Communications
    • 206 
    • 207 Org Chart (big, for Command Post)
    • 214 Unit Log (by each unit) - Your assigned personnel & activities 
  • Position description and responsibilities document.
  • Agency policies and procedures manual.
Update ReadyIndy.org website. 

Recruit Demobilization Unit

  • Begin planning standdown. 
Email Tier1 team.
  Text 'Alert' to PIOs of key Affiliated units (DHS, INVOAD, COAD, etc.)
Text 'Alert' to PIOs of key Christian media outlets. 

Prepare some Talking Points.

Prepare/Distribute Media Release (if part of the plan).   See our Media bin containing various media elements and contacts.





* Footnote:  Initially we've combined the three roles, Planning, PIO and Financial Information.  Why?  In our simplified base5 model, we start everything with only 5 core roles -- Planning is one of those core roles.  And by default, this role is also delegated the PIO function -- so that the TeamLeader does not have to personally also fulfill this role.  When we have enough trained staff to optionally split those roles, we will do so.


Financial_Information Role -- because it needs to be at arms-length from Logistics (ie, procurement of resources).

  • (Per ICS200:  "Not all incidents will require a separate Finance/Administration Section. If only one specific function is needed (e.g., cost analysis), a Technical Specialist assigned to the Planning Section could provide these services." 











Previous items/links I've retained -- sort 'em out soon...


  • Get more training re Planning Officer -- within ICS-300.
  • Get more training re Planning re community or emergency-plan = ICS235. 
  • FEMA's Planning Officer Checklist


  • Stray suggestion to remember:  Re one organizational bookmove; think Henryville:  Go, drop in a big sign (Hope is on the Way), distribute 1,000 flyers of hope, communications/web-info, FEMA#, INVOAD).  What else?   
    • Citywide Leader/Communicators Grid - Communicate important messages to the primary leaders who are in the 9-county area, using this grid.  It's currently way-incomplete -- so always be trying to find committed leaders/communicators.
          • Loose-ends?  Scorecard networks that we need to work in, somehow = Life-on-Life (Eldon), Care (FHL Merlin), #Multicultural (Crossroads/Hispanic/Chin), #Bible (RichJohnston).
    • LISTENING...  As communicators, we must also listen, perhaps twice as much as we speak. The Operations Officer (responsible for the Sizeup) is anxious to hear from our Incident Commander (and team) at GroundZero.  (What are the excellent questions to ask?).  Later, the twitter feeds at RIGHT, are some main feeds to monitor.  Also news-sites such as GoogleNews where you can set up search-terms.  Caveat:  These gadgets may or may not work properly and catch all the tweets.  In fact, I know they do NOT.  So preferably, use your own tools of choice -- for me that's Twitter app.
    • Official press-releases, (Purpose: Accurate, timely info, basis for soliciting interviews with MikeB or other leaders)... May be built anywhere -- say at CEN.  Clear releases thru MikeBoler. Maybe also consult national PIO Misti McHatton (eg, for help getting it widely distributed). Importantly, always tweet (from @CENINDY) a headline & link to wherever our press-release is. Stray link to keep track of as I build my own preferred Press Release  .
    • 'Talking-Points' - From the press-release, build talking-points for Mike and/or other leaders before interviews.
    • Media Contacts -- We share it with FHL.
    • [CENINDY.org. We may move the domain soon.]
    • CENINDY (public) Facebook page... A good place to attract our social-network, and to get some feedback from time to time.  And use it as another place to post links to important communiques.  But it's NOT a great 'website' replacement. Too hard to get to the About info. 
    • Emergency Mgmt Wiki-Knowledge-base for Indy. Tons of great resource-links there.
    • ChristianEmergencyNetwork.org - Misti McHatton, National PIO. 480-326-9132(w)
    • @ChristEmNetwork - Mike Marshall
    • @IndyChristian/EmergencyNews - Monitor this feed from various agencies.
    • @IndyChristian/MSMnews - Monitor this local/national news-feed.
    • Mission America Coalition -- Immediately contact Phil Miglioratti & Jarvis Ward.  Here's Phil's initial thoughts re how they might handle our call:  "When that call comes, I/we could certainly let Pat Allen know (MAC intercessors) ... other ideas? Honnalora involved?"
    • Help brainstorm/expedite communications -- hotwash & pre-planning for next time.  Thoughts as I watch Ben's video of Rich Cheek & the Day55 update; I'm thinking about how CENINDY could have (on Day1) parachuted-in and dropped a big HOPE for Henryville (or whatever name) type sign... with web-address... already prepped... including our wiki functional page for quickly & collaboratively listing needs & resources, news-items, feeds, etc.... And thus we add great value via communications planning.  Any church-group or individuals would immediately have a big-sizeup sort of picture of  things, even on Day1.  See our Activation#3 wikipage and think how it should be set up to help like that.  Maybe list 'untamed' resources at the bottom of the screen... and then little by little as our Logistics officers help 'tame' them (ie, verify them and get 'em into the team process), move 'em up into the plan.


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