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[back to ABOUT ReadyIndy - or Ready_Teamwork model]


During an emergency, click TEAM ASSIGNMENTS.


ReadyIndy is organized using ICS-100 simple organization plan... to be clustered in teams of 5 (to 7) roles (per level).   Here's a rough-draft drawing of our OrgChart in process.  And here's the zoomed-in OrgChart showing Ops down to the County Divisions level.

  • Leader    (Mike Boler, backup is Neil Cox & _____).  Overall responsibility.  Scale our impact via affiliation & collaboration. 
  • Planning/PIO  (Neil Cox, backups are Cherryl Bundy & _________) -- Centralized Information & Communication.
    • Recruit a separate PIO -- 
    • VOST (Virtual Operations Support Team = digital volunteers from anywhere across the country).  May be assigned to PIO, if one.
  • Logistics  ( ) -- Providing Resources, incl Personnel/Vols to Ops.
    • SUV's -- Spontaneous Untrained Volunteers -- we provide just-in-time training (JIT) as appropriate. 
  • PCS Operations (PrayerCareShare)        (Ben McCann, backups are Steve Pappas & _____).  In charge of accomplishing vital tactical objectives... SAFELY.  And if delegated by the Leader to do so, direct the 3 other key functions (Planning, PCS and Logistics) in support of the overall operations.
    • Recruit a Safety/Security Officer. ( & _________)
  • PCS Operations Support -- Although ICS says Finance is the optional 5th position, we instead highlight a 'PCS Officer' as vital to our mission.  This role accentuates the meeting of NEEDS.   (ReadyIndy's PCS officer is Doty Simpson-Taylor, backups are Hope Pottenger & _____).  Once a main PCS officer is established, that person can also recruit individual officers for each of Prayer, Care & Share section leaders.  And they will continually recruit & train prayer-care-share workers.  During an incident, many "PCS Teams" will be assembled (think Strike-teams) as the effective Operations teams deployed onsite to a field command-post.  Example:  Setting up a Prayer Station in a disaster area.  Or sending PCS Teams up and down a tornado-stricken area assessing families immediate needs. 




[And here's our complete ROSTER (and key contacts]



Future:  Since ReadyIndy is the 9-county Metro Team, we also have a goal of starting 9 county-level clusters of 5.

  • Marion 5 - Cherryl
  • Hamilton 5 - Neil
  • Madison 5
  • Hancock 5
  • Shelby 5
  • Johnson 5 - Ben
  • Morgan 5
  • Hendricks 5
  • Boone 5



Why 5's?  

  • You can have more, but 5 is the minimum.  ICS standard says 5 is the optimal 'span of control'.  7 max.
  • (If available in an emergency, two extra people can allow Leader to designate a Safety Officer.  And split Planning/PIO role into 2 people.)
  • The 5 basic roles are clear, easy to remember, and easy to explain.  You could use this simple model to organize a birthday party.
  • They are 5 common roles that any church or ministry could readily identify a point-person for each role.
  • So it's easy to have multiple teams interacting with each other.  Leaders talk to leaders. PIOs talk to PIOs.  Logistics talks to Logistics.
  • Working in small teams helps teams reach consensus, and 'bond'.  Trying to get larger groups to reach consensus takes longer, or creates disunity.
  • Each team of 5 is empowered with a certain amount of autonomy within their scope; make decisions; try different things.
  • These basic clusters of 5 will make it somewhat easy to build new teams.
  • And a base-5 model can help scale geographically.  To 9 county-teams of 5.  Then city-teams of 5.  And nhood teams of 5.
  • And if it can work during the pressures of an emergency, it can also work in 'peace-time'.
  • Working together in teams of 5... even day to day... can grow strong team bonds... which are helpful in an emergency.



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