ReadyCity Exercise (Disaster-Simulation Drill)


Subsequent Update:  See Followup Summary article, photos & hotwash.




1:00 pm on Saturday, Sept.1, 2012 -- ReadyINDY will conduct the first-ever citywide exercise for Greater Indianapolis churches, in conjunction with FEMA’s National Preparedness Month. The drill will test two-way communications capabilities between churches and ministries throughout the 9-county metro area.

Free Wifi -- Bring your gadgets if you've got 'em! 


While the afternoon exercise will involve reaching church-contacts throughout the city, the simulated Emergency Operations Center will be physically hosted at the Airport Wyndham Hotel, in conjunction with the morning's readiness workshop.  Officials from emergency agencies and disaster-relief ministries will also be on-hand to greet participants, observe the afternoon exercise and offer insights.

According to Michael Boler, City Team Leader, a simulated-disaster will be randomly drawn at 1:00 p.m., setting
the 2-hr drill into motion:





According to Mary Marr, Founder and President of Christian Emergency Network, "The unity and engagement
of local churches in ReadyINDY is an encouragement to Christians in all cities to be ready to give an answer for
the Hope of Christ at all times. We live in increasingly troubled times and the church is the best and most lasting
source of help. A ReadyChristian is one who is equipped spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically ready to
respond biblically to any emergency they or others may be facing. ReadyINDY is leading the charge”.

"What the Body of Christ is doing in Indy is a powerful model for measurable emergency preparedness, response
and recovery!" Jarvis C. Ward, National Facilitator City/Community Ministries, Mission America Coalition.


Douglas S. Hairston, Director, Mayor’s Front Porch Alliance:  “Today it seems that we are seeing all kinds of disasters taking place. It is good to see groups like CEN helping to prepare people of faith, so that when an emergency takes place individuals will know what to do and how to help their neighbors. Keep up the good work!”

Drill is FREE.  Area churches are encouraged to contact for participation details.