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Page history last edited by indychristian 11 years, 8 months ago

Building this Franklin, INDIANA page from our city-template, based on the Christian Scorecard model of analysis & linkage.  Think 'Big Size-up' first.  Then drill-down.


God's Perspective

Neighbors Perspective

  • Optimally Sharing (Eternal) Life with Them?
  • Compassionately healing the 'Least of these'? 



Processes Perspective

  • Leadership?
  • Communications?
  • Planning?
  • Operations?
  • Logistics?
  • Finance? 

Accelerating Perspective

  • Prayer
  • Goal-setting / Scoring / Accountability
  • LIfe-on-Life Mentoring
  • Extending via Social-Media  
  • Extending via Collaborating Partnerships 


You're welcome to add key-links & your thoughts, ideas, below...






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