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Our 'blue-sky day' (non-emergency) sizeup assessment of our ReadyIndy initiative.  The purpose is to provide an overview of our 9-county (laid-out in a tic-tac-toe configuration, see below) metro-area leaders/roles as we grow them; and to report the number of ReadyChristians & ReadyChurches in each county.  Identify our communications points in each county, and be able to drill down into the city wiki-pages & maps for much more info.  [For further info re the number of other training certifications possessed by these ReadyChristians and others affiliated with us, see the scorecard.]

Use the 1min Response Form to Report Updates.

Click to our Incident Map (during an emergency) 

Click to our ongoing Metro Ministry Map 


BooneCo - Leader ___  PIO ___

HamiltonCo - Leader____,  PIO Neil (5 RC's)
Status: Paradise @ClayTerrace is our defacto command-center.  We're organizing, connecting & 
recruiting READYINDY churches. Here are Resource connections to explore further. City-teams below were FHL regions.

MadisonCo - Leader ___  PIO ___

HendricksCo - Leader Jodi Smith,  PIO ___

MarionCo - Leader____, PIO CherrylF (10 RC's)
Status:  We're organizing, connecting churches, recruiting READYINDY churches, HHOOT is our default Emergency Ops Center, CCDA affiliates could be great partners. Here are other Resource connections.  Now drill down to new detailed geo-pages.

HancockCo - Leader ___  PIO ___ (1 RC)

MorganCo - Leader ___  PIO ___

JohnsonCo - Leader ___  PIO ___ (1 RC)

ShelbyCo - Leader ___  PIO ___





ReadyIndy Plan

 Link to Emergency Activities:

PIO's 'EmergencyDashboard'









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