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Ready Indy Reporting (redirected from CEN Indy Reporting)

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NEW... scroll down to see our Communications involvement in the #SHAKEOUT exercise, Feb7th, (____ ET)...


Accountability & Reporting...


"Every good solution starts with a good report.  Know what's important, and how best to indicate real progress toward success."


"Without accountability, a mission-statement is just PR."


"Emergencies require TIMELY reporting. Late reports are no reports."


We will (soon) develop descriptions of these indicators and why they're important to the CEN Indy readiness cause. Stay tuned...

                     (page & scorecard maintained by CEN Indy communicators)


PRACTICE:    Our Communications Role in the LIVE Exercise during Feb7th, ____am @CentUS_ShakeOut Drill... 



  • "Report Back, after the quake-drill"...  Within ONE HOUR of the quake-drill... Tweet (or text) the appx number of drill participants that you observed doing the 'Drop, Cover & Hang-on'.
    Our goal here as communicators is to start developing the capability to RESPOND in helpful ways.  In this exercise, our indicator of progress = how many actual 'Drop, Cover & Hang-on' drill participants did we collectively see/report?  You may report via #readycity twitter-tag, or in our ReadyIndy FB group, or add directly here to this wiki-page.   And as practical, take photos and tweet 'em.   
  • REPORTED... LIVE...within one hour of the _____am ET drill...  [Below are our folks that responded last year...]
    • @BolerConcepts is well, and at the helm, sounding the @IndyPrayer siren alert to 81 mobile followers. Now xpediting @ReadyIndy tweets.
    • @IndyChristian reported 350 children & staff @SouthportPC Christian school -- A-ok and well-practiced.  One photo.
    • @IndyChristian reported appx 500 children & staff at his wife's elem school in Fishers participated today.
    • Anthony Beverly, leader of a network of prayer-networks in Indy... texted 10 folks under him and has 6 responses back already.
    • @Ellen5e is apparently well -- she's tweeting up a storm.  LOL.
    • And per the shakeout website, Indiana again won the honors of having the MOST participants in the drill (more than half a million) -- beating out our nearest competitor, Illinois.


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