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Ready Indy CARE

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Think ReadyIndy Care Call Center Group (within the Ops orgchart).  Maybe not even use highly-trained Care workers to initially field calls, but rather, say (Christian) college interns, say from a college teaching biblical counselors!  But eventually, someone in that 'call center' would not only filter the incoming call, alert our Prayer chain, and also key it into MeetTheNeed.




Bottom Line:  Our overall PCS Officer role (Prayer-Care-Share) is about managing to MEET NEEDS.  As we have enough staffing, we also add specialists in each of the 3 categories.  'CARE-Mgmt' (often referred to in secular contexts as 'Case-Management') is about working hands-on with people's physical/emotional needs in a disaster.  By instead using the word CARE management we imply God's truly wholistic approach.


Care-mgrs are ADVOCATES, walking alongside families with needs.  Compassionate staff is more important than technically-competent staff -- we can buddy-up our care managers with competent administrative staff to handle the computer functionalities.


There are various Care-Mgmt Systems... so we'll start outlining them below:


  • (Simple church context) --
    • Care-mgr welcomes a family and starts gathering some basic info on an intake-form (on a clipboard -- or better yet, a tablet).
    • Important aspects are:  name/address identification/verification.  Understanding the need.
    • Check one of the following systems, to see the history with this family.
    • Decide how best to help, even if that means obtaining further information.  Or posting their need online, eg, Meet_The_Need (Post-a-Need Video) (Here's the list/report of all PENDING items in our area.)
    • Work with Supervisor toward solution -- perhaps a financial solution.  Sign approval.
    • Financial process.
  • (Meet_The_Need (training page) -- especially re SHARED-care-mgmt --
  • (FEMA context) -- UMCOR system
  • (FEMA context) -- Catholic Charities 
  • WhenYouNeedSomeone.org -- Our collaborative list of COMPASSION resources in the city.  Developing the underlying CARE 'system' so far.



Other CareMgmt Resources:








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