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Ready Christian

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Ready Christian -- 'Trained to be aware of what God is doing, Prepared to survive & support others, Ready to pray, care & give hope to those in crisis." 



  • 'Ready Christian'  [ReadyChristian.org]
    Ready Christian means to be Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically Ready for an Emergency.  It involves selecting a partner for accountability, collaboration and encouragement toward biblical readiness and personal response goals. You'll also become a 'ready-citizen' by:  making a kit, making a plan, and staying informed. Moreover, as Christians, we will develop a strong Prayer, Care, Share lifestyle and constantly be seeking and saving the lost. According to ones gifts, talents, and resources, you can be part of a team that participates in response drills, volunteer, give and invite others to be the hands and feet of the body of Christ during a crisis.

  • 'Ready Church(es)' -- Visit ReadyChurch.org.


  • 'Ready City' -- Visit 'CEN Indy'
    CEN Indy is a group of Individuals, Pastors and Ministry Leaders building Ready Christians in becoming Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally, and Physically Ready for an Emergency. We will work with the Community and Government and assist where and when needed to Prepare,Protect,Respond,Recover,Mitigate emergencies.  [We're currently working on a citywide 'Continuity Plan'.  Here's one sample format we may follow.  In the meantime, visit http://WhenYouNeedSomeone.com -- our live compassion wiki.]


Pastors and Ministry Leaders of the Indianapolis Area...
We have been witness to many disasters such as 911, Katrina, Haiti, etc, We have also seen Indiana based Tornado's, Floods, Fires, Storms and lightning strikes. And I am sure you have been involved in emergencies that have directly affected you, your family, Church or Ministry. 90% of the population ask 'Where is God in this?'  Since we know the answer to this question... how do we get the chance to be there when that question is asked? How does your ministry move forward during an emergency? How does your church or ministry want to be used by God in the the next emergency near or far. Come and join us in our pursuit of being a Ready Christian.  ['LIKE' us at http://CENINDY.org and help share our goal to raise up 100,000 Ready Christians in our metro area.]


The fast-start...




ReadyChristian Certification:

  •   Join ChristianEmergencyNetwork.org website (free).  All of the following materials are part of a free download there.
  • Study the 'Biblical Readiness Standard' - Complete the Bible-study of Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther... and related questions.
  • Get a 'buddy' -- an accountability partner.  Sign 'Together We Will Stand Covenant'.  Begin communicating your plans for emergencies.  Continually extend your reach.
  • Study 'Prayer-Care-Share' (PCS) Lifestyle Evangelism Basics.  See the study-material in the PCS .doc.
  • Responding.  As a part of CEN Indy, we'll do 'table-top drills' from time to time.  And volunteer as practical during real emergencies.
  • Certification:   Let us know at CEN Indy.  We'll issue your signed certification.  Welcome to CEN Indy!




Optional -- See many additional training options listed here.





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