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Overview from Eric Welch:


ServingBetterTogether.com is simply one of the portals into World Wide Open. It serves to communicate some of the relational groups that exist in the US in various categories (city networks, ministry networks, denominations, etc). We think it could also be useful for communicating larger movements/initiatives like IamSecond, NeedHim, GlobalMediaOutreach, and others. We also think (one day) it might be able help communicate volunteer opportunities from trusted organizations, and/or spur on other portals to help do this.  Here's a short little overviewAnd here's a 30-min WorldWideOpen (WWO) Video Overview.


SBT Homepage Tip:  Any links you click from the site's homepage will open in a separate tab or window.  Thus you always have the SBT homepage available. [Otherwise, the only way to navigate back to the homepage is to re-enter the URL.]



 Main Help/FAQs at WorldWideOpen -- and below are some quick tips...


  • Basic vocabulary:  Profile, account, screen-name, login... are all pretty much synonymous.


  • Two Types of Profiles:   Individual or Organizational.  Preferably set up your personal account first.  Btw, you'll need a separate email account for each.  [There really is a 3rd type = 'Church' = like an organizational account, but with different tools available to you.]



  • What if I'm having trouble logging in?  There may be some different issues, but one may be simply that it takes a little while for the approval process to finish, so be patient before trying to use your log-in the first time.  Another hitch may be that you'll need to go check your email, to see if WorldWideOpen sent you something you need to respond to.


  • How do I get our City Network on the map there? 



  • Other More Specific Questions:
    • 'Connections' -- what is that?  Think of 'connections' as you would 'friends' in other social-networks. And since organizations also have accounts, then 'friends' of organizations as well.
    • 'Groups' -- how are they different?  Groupings of people.  Example: 'Affinity Groups'... like 'Reaching/Transforming Cities'. 
    • 'Tags' (keywords, categories) - Explain how they make stuff easy to find.
    • 'Resource' - What's that? 
    • 'Events' - How do I do that? Am I even entitled to do that?
    • 'One Click To Action!' - Explain.
    • 'Lens' - How you view the world.  It's a filter, of everything on the site, to help you narrow things down. Any tab is narrowed.
    • 'Reach Map'?
    • 'Donations'?
    • [what else, folks?]


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Dave Imboden said

at 2:32 pm on Mar 25, 2011

Very helpful, Neil & Eric. This FAQs page should also have a basic introduction to what this site is for ... why it was created.

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