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[Feel free to help edit this into something really useful, everyone!   Also see 'Communications'.]



Best Practices for an Individual Communicator... especially re promoting a specific event or project.


  • 'Be Prepared!'  Personal capabilities is one great key.  Have you developed YOUR personal communications strategy? Dashboard to help you implement it?
      • A publicity & communications plan?
      • For Listening, or just Speaking?
      • A team to collaborate with?
      • A dashboard? (a personal page you can make, to have all your key links together for your event... And to perhaps embed news, photos, videos coming from OTHER sources, re your event, so you can monitor everything at once in one place).
      • Browser-buttons?
      • TinyURL maker?  [If you hope to have people tweet about your event or links... make it easy for them by creating a TinyURL for every key thing you do -- it should just be part of a communicator's workflow these days.
      • Do you have accts at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, IndyChristianMedia? [Btw, get a YouTube acct whether you produce vids or not!]
      • Do you have your social-media IDs interconnected?  That is, do your tweets also go to Facebook automatically?  Can you simply 'LIKE' a YouTube video and it automatically posts to your Facebook profile?
      • Can you upload pix & videos from your cellphone?  To more than one social-site at a time?  Think PING.
      • How about creating a list of your key contacts (say in your smartphone or wiki-page) to be reached, who might pass your message along?  Eg, in an emergency, "Who ya gonna text?".  
      • Other personal tech capabilities?  In the 'Workflow' section below, you may find things you don't yet know how to do.  But if you're in a network of other communicators, probably all you need to do is ASK someone to show you how to do it.  Or come down to 'Ask Anything Saturday' 10am @UBcafe.


  • Workflow for an important communication piece you want to get out.
      • Media Kit:  [here's an over-the-top MediaKit example] Does the event already have media-content available?  Are maybe you're the one who needs to develop such.  [eHow] At least develop a centralized 'media-bin' with links to where each item is available:
        • Website with details already?  Eg CCDA.org/conference.
        • An official #tag?  Eg #CCDA2011
        • 3 Primary talking-points?  [Why should people get involved?]
        • Create a 'vision-page' of what things might be like during your event?
        • Press release?
        • PSA's? (Public Service Announcements - typically 30-sec audios)
        • IndyChristianMedia EVENT pages require a LOGO/IMAGE (square) -- did you make one?
        • Banner-ad?
        • Posters? Banners (physical)?
        • Pix for your event?  On Flickr?  Add a Flickr slideshow to your EVENT page there.
        • Videos?  Why Is It Important and How To Integrate It Into Your Social Strategy?  If the event is really important to you, you'll have at least developed an Animoto video-promo for it... especially since you have great pix available.  Or here's an overview of Video Process.
        • Did you shoot a quick video and upload to YouTube?  How about to IndyChristianMedia.com?  Embed your video into your Event-page too.

      • EVENT Announcements: 
        • Where all can you post online event-announcements?  Eg, Eventful (UBcafe page there), Ning networks?
        • For sure, create an EVENT page at Indy Christian Media site.
        • Maybe also, at IndyWithKids calendar site (if it's a family-friendly event). 
        • For sure, create a Facebook EVENT. 
        • Did you plan ahead... and get it onto the Indy Timeline of Key Events?
        • Upload related videos at YouTube AND at IndyChristianMedia.
        • Btw, after uploading vids to ICM, you can also embed them right into your EVENT page.
        • Do you tweet or have friends that do?  Do they know this is something important?
        • Facebook friends... are they prepped to help you?
        • Your key contacts:  eg. emergency, "Who ya gonna text?".  
        • Encourage your friends to retweet your friends as they tweet about the upcoming event?
        • How about non-social publicity?  Newspapers, radio, tv, posters, flyers?  Have you developed 'Earned Media'?  Do interviews? Post your event at local media sites?  [Do you even know where all those media-sites are?  See our ICM Status page for a link.]
        • How about local Faith-Based Offices (or other nonprofits, center-for-cong) willing to distribute your event-announcements?
        • How about traditional (real world) 'social' channels... ie, church pastor & church friends / smallgroup? 
        • How about traditional (ie, pay) advertising on nontraditional social channels?  eg Facebook ads?
        • Likeminded 'communities' (even online communities).. eg National Preparedness Community


  • Will you have an active social-media team presence DURING YOUR EVENT?  ...ie, onsite, churning out news, photos, videos, all day long?  If so, develop a Dashboard page of your most-important communications assets that you'll need that day.  That may be a whole set of new Best Practices we also need to develop!
      • Number One rule... announce the conference's official twitter tag EARLY, and stick to it... eg #CCDA2011.
      • Have someone assigned to be 'in-charge' at all hours of the day... to field questions, delegate, etc.
      • If you're going to go to the trouble of hosting a Press Room during the event, invite/credential bloggers & other social-media activists... [see below]  Honor your constituency who also are social-media activists.  'Advocates' are awesome; do whatever you can to raise 'em up and empower them to spread the word.
      • Btw, whatever you can do AHEAD of time, to prep content and/or stage it in advance.  Eg, video overlays, transitions, etc. -- then you can just drop in your news-footage and you're ready to publish. [examples in media kit?]
      • Set-up a schedule of guest speakers to be interviewed throughout each day.
      • Create a workflow that will help leverage each other's content.  Eg, retweeting each other.  In fact, assign one person to do nothing more than find & tag (say using Delicious) every piece of content they can find... and then have your others come along behind and help hype those pieces of content as they come online at Flickr, YouTube, etc.  [Your designated tagger can work from home or out-of-state for that matter.]


  • Will you host a Press Room DURING the event?
    • [Special compliments to Russ J, CNN correspondent, for the following recommendations...]  Regardless of the conference you want to make it as easy as possible for reporters to cover the event/subject matter.

Press Room
1. Free Internet
2. Bottled water, soda, small snacks
3. Easy access to leaders for interviews
4. Tables, chairs
5. Press passes with their name/organization so you can easily identify [credentials?]
6. It also gives place for press to interview people

Media Kit components
1. Well written press release including quotes from leaders
2. White sheet on organization
3. Bios of leaders/speakers
4. Place where press can get high res photos online

You need to send a press release in advance of the event encouraging press to attend (and to let you know in advance of their attendance though not mandatory) and what stories might be available that are newsworthy and relevant. DON'T MAKE IT "CHURCHIANITY." 


      • Other ideas:
      • Assign a knowledgeable HOST in the room at all times -- someone who at least knows what's going on when/where and in good communication with the conference's 'war room'.


  • Workflow AFTER Your Event?
      • Make the most of the opportunity -- leverage your event by REPORTING it's outcomes and takeaways (agreed marching orders) 
      • Write-up somewhere -- even if only a follow-up comment at your ICM EVENT-page.
      • [Btw, probably one of the outcomes was to set another key followup activity -- start another EVENT page for it, and recycle through the event-prep & announcements task-list above.]
      • Write a NOTE (News item) on the front of the ICM site... linking to your full story.
      • Create a TinyURL for it.
      • Tweet about your note.
      • Share your tweets on Facebook.




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