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Wiki Team

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'Wiki Encyclopedia of CityReaching' is sponsored by the  'Center For Urban Innovation'... "Training Innovative Multicultural CityReachers."


YOU can add info to the Cityreaching Wiki...



CityReaching Wiki is Easy...


  • Bible-believing -- It's our primary requirement to participate here.
  • Contact our Adminstrator -- You can even TEXT the Administrator!  Just tell us your email address and we'll send you an invite to participate with us here in the cityreaching wiki. 
  • EDIT any page... Just hit the EDIT button at the top of a page.

  • CREATE a new page.... You'll see a link at top-right.
    • For example:  ADD a NEW CITY... It's easy.  Just create a new page with your city's name.  Add some content.  And then Contact the CityReaching.org Administrator -- ask him to add your city to the side-bar listing and map. 









Writing Tips & Editorial Issues...

  • "Brother Be Brief" 
  • Use links to help you be brief.   [Here's a tip re LINKING.]
  • Especially help provide great info & links re YOUR city's movement and related ministries & communicators.
  • Stay focused.  Only start new pages when helpful, and if you're committed to keep them current.  Don't get carried away starting new pages.
  • Remember:  During an information explosion, 'more' is not necessarily 'better'.  Our objective is to connect, sharpen knowledge and turn strategy into ACTION => CHANGE.
  • Ask yourself "What will help accelerate the gospel and its loving impact, city to city?"
  • Be careful what you say. Use your best judgment.  Think 'WWJD?'.  When in doubt, call your mother.
  •  The Adminstrator will of course have the last word.  But don't make it come down to that.  LOL.




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