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Why wiki

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[What's a wiki? How to wiki?  Watch the Video]


Why is a 'wiki' perfect for all this?


  • Wiki is the Hawaiin word for 'QUICK'.
  • And if something is quick, it's very likely also 'EASY'.
  • And if quick & easy, it's probably FREE.
  • And if quick, easy, and free... it's probably a great COLLABORATIVE tool.  (Other affiliated Christian wikis
  • It's so quick, easy, free, and collaborative that school teachers have their kids using it for team projects -- [click to view video]
  • And seminary students are using them for innovative biblical learning projects.
  • So, to quickly, easily, freely, collaboratively describe our cityreaching movements and their current status... this seems optimal.   Guess we'll see.
  • YOU can participate here if you're.... (click) Wiki Team.



Other great Web2.0 sorts of internet tools for cityreaching?    See AskAnythingSaturday.com



Why is a 'wiki' perfect for helping reach our cities for Christ?




Strays... for now...

  • Overcoming Objections -- Wiki issues?  Security?  Working in the public eye?
  • Wikipedia -- What is it, why is it, and what are the issues?  How to use MediaWiki.
  • 'Wiki Optimizing'




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