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Vero Beach

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The wider area generally known as Vero Beach (Florida) is generally synonymous with Indian River County (which is the Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) encompassing the small municipality of Vero Beach, proper).


We desire and pray that every one of the 54,000 households in Indian River County will know the love that Jesus has for you; and that His church here, as imperfect as it is, also loves you all greatly.  If you'd like to talk with someone about that, contact any of the churches or ministries listed below.  (Btw, if you're a bible-believing church or ministry not listed here but would like to be, or if you'd like to help build-out this page or site, contact the administrator).


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2019 Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast - April 11th 



Geo-Overview by ZipCodes generally labeled as Vero Beach:  

  • 32960 - (pop. 21,600 - HH 9,200) - generally municipality 
  • 32962 - (pop. 28,200 - HH 9,700) - south  
  • 32963 - (pop. 21,500 - HH 7,700) - beach (pretty far north, incl south beach park, excl further south beach)
  • 32966 - (pop. 21,000 - HH 8,000) - way-west corridor 
  • 32967 - (pop. 27,000 - HH 7,800) - north 
  • 32968 - (pop. 15,900 - HH 4,700) - southwest corridor 
  • SUBTOTAL - (pop. 135,200 - HH 47,100) - GENERALLY LABELED AS VERO BEACH
  • _______ - (pop. _____ - HH _____) - Sebastian 
  • TOTAL (pop. 154,400 - HH 54,000) - INDIAN RIVER COUNTY (Wikipedia)   


Mapping Churches/Ministries/Neighborhoods -- Jesus: "Go into 100% of the Vero Beach world..."



Resource Hub in Support of Neighborhood 'Lights':


Demographics and Other Resource Links:


FYI... There has been a Florida ministries summit 3/13/2019 to review the state of the Great Commission/Commandment per city (as best it can be known on short-notice).  Now, afterward, who can help provide further insights about Vero Beach in that regard?  Email anadministrator of this page.  Now learn more about the resulting #FloridaLights 40-day experiment by Easter 2019.)








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