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Transform Indiana

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 -- Heb. 10:24-25


"Transform Indiana"...


... is the ongoing networking initiative of Bible-believing Christians, city-by-city, neighborhood by neighborhood, throughout the state... with a goal of accelerating the (whole) Great Commission.



WHO?    Bible-believers -- Individuals, Church or Ministry Leaders, Business Men & Women, Educators... who are anxious to work TOGETHER to accelerate the Great Commission in our cities throughout the state.


WHAT?   Working hard... together... to re-connect the family of God, city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood.  Networking, networking, networking.




WHERE?   Wherever city-networks of Christians are found.  Generally we meet in Indianapolis, the capital.  But reach out to other city-networks around the state.  WHERE is a great question, because our strategy is to increasingly connect for impact, neighborhood by neighborhood.  Check out YOUR section of the metro Indy area.


WHY?    Because, let's be honest, the Whole Commission isn't getting done.  Barna Research reports that only 9% of American adults hold a 'biblical worldview'.  And it shows.  Despite 200 well-funded years of the American Experiment, our cities are hardly a 'light on a hill'.  Crime is at an all-time high.  Education is failing when compared worldwide.  American culture is a mess.  Sin isn't in anyone's vocabulary anymore.  Our churches all seem to be competing for mega status... irrespective of the Indianapolis community around us dying at a rate of 400 deaths a week.  And 91% would amount to 364 deaths 'between sermons'... without the benefit of fully grasping what God has communicated through His Word.  Something has to be done.  And connecting driven Christians, city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood... for 'prayer, care & share'... seems to be a good place to start.  We understand there are 6,000 'neighborhoods' throughout Indiana's 6.0 million people.  Lord willing, we intend to find & connect the driven Christians in each.  And optimally share the Good News with every man, woman & child... through deed & Word.


HOW?   We tend to follow a 'Prayer-Care-Share-Dare' strategy.






* Certainly there are a great number of people around the state... that fit the above description of who we are and what we do -- we just haven't yet FOUND them all and connected 'em.  So if YOU'RE one of them, or represent a city-network of such folks... please feel free to weigh-in below, by adding YOUR name/link/city/whatever.  Ok?





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