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Training e-Trainers

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Training e-Trainers...


We (had been) working on a train-a-trainer program in the inner-city of Indianapolis, to both accomplish our e-training objectives... and also accomplish our urban objectives of helping folks cross the digital divide.  [See 'AskAnythingSaturday.com'.]  It may someday be incorporated into our Operation Timothy 'Dare' eTraining.  Briefly, here are the essentials....


  • Only qualified individuals can be official trainers in this Train-an-eTrainer program -- it's a Christian program with very Christian objectives -- so we'll select the individuals.
  • But 'trainees' can be anyone.  And they in turn can train anyone.
  • The $ rate will NOT be based on the number you train... but rather, on the number your trainees train.  It's like not paying for your children, but instead paying for your GRANDCHILDREN.  Because the whole point of it is to train those who will actually go on to then train others, using the 'Each One, Teach One' concept.
  • And on top of that, we'll even pay for your 'GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN', so to speak... that is, those whom your trainees trained to train.  *smile*
  • The bare essentials of what a trained person must know, is...
    • Surf & Search.
    • Email & Social-Networking
    • Publishing... using a wiki-page, knowing how to insert photos & videos.  And being able to 'call it in'.
  • Everything will have to be verifiable... including being able to SEE all these trained folks on The Begats Tree at 'Ask Anything Saturday.com'






[Also see, and perhaps incorporate into this program... 'What's An E-Capable Christian?' ...and Embedded Reporters.]




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