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Timothy Tree

Page history last edited by indychristian 8 years, 7 months ago

What's a Timothy Tree of Life-on-Life?


It's one way of reflecting those in the 'Operation Timothy' mentoring chain.   Or ANY (Bible-believing) ministry mentoring chain.  [In fact, we're actively looking for such a program among women's ministries somewhere.  Any ideas?  Start one, ladies?]



Updated Operation Timothy information:

2015:  Pauls 60, Timothys 136

2012:  Pauls 110, Timothys 198

2011:  Pauls 89, Timothys 176

2010:  Pauls – 60, Timothys – 111

2009:  Pauls – 57, Timothys – 100

2008:  Pauls – 35, Timothys – 80



Ok, let's get started... we know you're out there -- just add your name somewhere below.


Eldon Kibbey (finished 1975?)

  • Steve Boltz (finished 1982?)
    • Bill Morris (finished 2006)
  • Bruce Backofen (finished ____)
    • Mark Linton  (finished ____)
      • Marty Bowling (finished ____)
    • Matt Ferris  (finished ____)

Todd Hopkins

  • Fred Goetsch
    • Ray Childers  (finished ______)
      • Bryan Rohrer (finished 2007)
        • Neil Cox (finished 2007) -- Note: A long-time CBMC'er, Charlie Hainline (deceased) took me under his wing many years ago... at least trading goals annually... praying/accounting for them through the year(s).
          • Nathan (completed in 2008)
          • Glenn (completed 1/2013)
          • Rodney (current) 
          • John (current) 




This is a just a small sampling to get us going -- we know there are many other such mentoring trees here in Indy -- who else can help fill this in?



So far in 2009, we have 50 documented 'Pauls'... training 95 'Timothys'.

Pray!  And come join us!



Note:  Here's The Begats Tree of Internet Learning... at the UBcafe... because it's EFFECTIVE.


Also:   Here's the 'Indy Christian Mentoring Forum' on Linked-In (Thanks Derek!)









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