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The 'Wiki Encyclopedia of CityReaching' is collaboratively sponsored by the 'Center For Urban Innovation'... "Producing Innovative Multicultural CityReachers."


CityReaching Research



City Reaching Research Strategies from Ed Stetzer on Vimeo.

You Can't Love a City if You Don't Know a City."  

(Video and 7-part series by @EdStetzer via Christianity Today) 


2022 U.S. Religious Census:  "Nondenominational is Now the Largest Segment of American Protestants".


2020 Micheal Emerson Multicultural Research updated.


2018:  Our churches are 4 times LESS DIVERSE than our neighborhoods. (CT)



Current Research News...http://Cities.Barna.org


Also: podcast of MAC CityReaching telecon with Dr. Glenn Smith, re 12 Indicators.


Shaping the Future... Discussion re Research & Metrics


"May your love abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that we may be … filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ." [ref]


'Big Questions'... In what ways can objective assessment... help stimulate & accelerate the Great Commission?  Given that current data seems to reflect a largely-ineffective American model for doing 'church'... we now want to help explore and innovate... toward more-biblical models for carrying out the Great Commission. 





Research-Techniques Presentation at CCDA 2007, by Heidi Unruh -- (Outstanding!)  (published below with permission)




What research is currently available which provides meaningful data pertinent to reaching our cities for Christ?






What research is current available re 'our neighbors'... ie, about people in general, and the communities around them?


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Visit Lifeway Research Blog -- Ed Stetzer





Great Research Links:




Biblical basis for CityReaching research...    [To be developed....   let's build a number of biblical reference-links... Here are some initial thoughts... "taking serious assessment of oneself"... "test everything and hold onto that which is good"... Nehemiah surveyed the needs... Jesus looked over the city, knowing the needs, knowing some would reject his provision, and wept... Paul absolutely was planning and assessing what he needed to be doing next.  Proverbs... "Know the condition of your flocks, for a crown is not secure for all generations."  Paul's comments to pastors/elders of what to do re their flock.  The office of deacons arose from assessment and reporting of the needs caused by segregation in the early Church.  And importantly, look at the compelling assessment of the 7 churches in Revelation -- are they not also implied commands for ALL of us to take stock and ensure we're not guilty of those assessments?  Especially look at Thyratyria... using a time-based metric for change... ie, they're doing better over time.  Btw, a simple story that all Sunday school children know... little David assessed the need to take out the giant, and he remember God's promises to the Israelites -- he seemingly didn't even pray, he just went, picked up what he believed to be an optimal amount of stones for his slingshot... and went and did the job.  What other biblical references can you think of re 'assessment'... or 'investigating the needs or solutions'???]


Per Bill Hybels & Greg Hawkins (REVEAL) Video... "Facts are our friends."





Some impromtu notes during Mission America Coalition's teleconference call with researcher/author Michael Lindsay (Oct 2007)...



Dr. Lindsay's bio at Rice University

His new book:   "Faith in the Halls of Power"

His other books, and by similar authors & topics.


  • WSJ Review article
  • Michael's YouTube video
  • Gallup Guidebook
  • Social Explorer (.com) 
  • Not all research is equal... check "Response Rate"... should be at least in the 40-70% range.
  • Get diverse inputs, in a focus group.  [Maybe even ask... Are there others who would be vitally interested in these sorts of things?]
  • book differentiates 'populist' evangelicals (outspoken) vs. 'cosmopolitan' evangelicals (low-key, 'authentic lifestyle').
  • Q:  "How Are We Doing?"  (best metric?) say annual snapshots of impact?
  • Q:  "Share some special insights re 'new media' as it's accelerated change in the RESEARCH world."



Some cityreachers expressing interest in further research:


  • Bill Chastain, Dallas
  • Timothy Conner, Wichita
  • Wayne Crooks, San Antonio





Some stray notes during Pastor Hudson's lecture re Research Methods of "New Media for Urban Change".


  • Free information sources provides a lot of useful info.  However, generally not acceptable for official research papers.
  • Cheap information may be too 'expensive' to use -- there's no replacement for effective quality.
  • Informational Cascades? 
  • Consider 'The Star' or Inquirer, etc.   ...vs. the Indianapolis Star.
  • Consider the author, the potential 'agenda'...
  • Btw, Google News effectively filters sources.
  • But there's no replacement for reviewing the underlying data and credentials.
  • Is your source a blog, politically-motivated company or government source?
  • But the converse is also true sometimes... some bloggers tend to be fact-checkers and expose poor research or misuse of facts.... lying with percentages, for instance.
  • Does your research consider the methodology that may be impacted by various cultures.
  • Peer review of researchers?  Christian researchers?
  • But New Media (bloggers) if astute, may be able to help change the world by challenging assumptions, and by fact-checking.
  • Hybels statement re good communicator needs to be responsible for truth!  Likewise, us as 'new media'.
  • Erv's questions...  What is that (ie, describe it further so I'm clear on what you're saying)?  Where did you get that? (ie, how authoritative?)  Why do you personally believe that's true?  What if you're wrong?








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