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Reformation Society of Indiana

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[This wiki-page is NOT the 'official' homepage of Reformation Society of Indiana.  Rather, it's just info ABOUT the society/luncheons.  For official info, see the Facebook page (at right).  It's a great group here in Indy!] 


Next Reformation Luncheon...


Please join us on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 for the Reformation Society of Indiana Bible study and lunch from noon-1:45 p.m. at Gray Road Baptist Church (5500 S. Gray Rd., Indianapolis 46237). Our speakers are James Faris and Mark Radke. They will speak on the topic Dead in Our Sin: Total Depravity from Ephesians 2:1-3. Please RSVP for the luncheon by sending an email to office@secondrpc.org. This will allow us to better prepare for lunch.


Future Bible-study Luncheons & Related Events:







"The purpose of the Reformation Society of Indiana is to unite church pastors and leaders with like minds and hearts for elevating the great doctrines of the Bible to bring about modern reformation. Through regional theological conferences and bimonthly pastor fellowship meals, we seek to encourage, equip, and embolden pastors and church leaders to re-examine the historic doctrines best stated in the “solas” of the 16th century Reformation and to preach and teach the whole counsel of God.


 Please join us for our lunch-learning time together.  See our Facebook page for the most current info regarding our upcoming meetings.



Here's a taste from one of our lunches...

Here's a sample clip from one portion of a recent lunch & learn gathering... 






"Our Message"

"Today's church is increasingly dominated by the spirit of this age rather than by the Spirit of Christ. We call ourselves to repent of this sin and to recover the historic Christian faith."


"Our Mission"

"Our mission is to encourage, embolden, and equip ministers and other church leaders for the work of Biblical reformation in the churches. To this end we envision informal, voluntary Reformation Societies, where church leaders will meet for the joining of hearts and minds in pursuit of actual and practical reformation in their churches."



Visit ReformationSocieties.org for national (and some local) information.



Locally... here in Indy... These pastors & leaders meet bi-monthly for lunch together.  Everyone is welcome -- but RSVP's are important.  Call 255-7557 for further information or to RSVP re an upcoming meeting.  [The dates are seen on the Indy Timeline (hopefully)... and announcements are often made at IndyChristian.com.]







Other Great Links -- Local or National:



  Other 'REFORMED' tags





Dr. Blackwood, today (5/12/2008)... re Titus 2:1-10 -- "It's a summary of God's plan for the evangelization of the Isle of Crete."










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