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Prison and Returning Ministries (redirected from Prison-related Ministries)

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Prison & Returning Ministries:   Indianapolis, IN...

Here's a related SECULAR wiki-page re Ex-offender Issues & Solutions.


UniteIndy's initiatives with returning ex-offenders -- Follow @UniteIndy on Twitter for all their freshest updates.


RadioNextTV podcast re Returning Citizens... by @MarkEckel 


Connect with any/all of our key connectors for further info: dgushee@sbcglobal.net and Lauren Hutton.  @MarkEckel.  Let's connect!


Prison-related Ministry Links, etc...


Secular or Faith-based Links...



Helpful Links...






Other 'PRISON' related tagged items


(Needs a lot of work here... but it'll be greatly worth it, to collect such an informational page... and help all these leaders get to know each other and be able to work together in some practical ways.  Don't forget, this will impact our 'State of the Church at Indianapolis' report.  We want to specially consider community-ministries having to do with the whole crime issue.  Someone wanna help edit this page in a big way?????)


former page of Indianapolis prison-related links


  PRISON tags








Keywords:  ex-offender ex-offenders prison jail reentry re-entry program crime peace


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