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Peter's House

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"Peter's House" ...housing co-op


click to see Peter's House photo pool


Per William Ross, Director... the name comes from an incident from the NT... Christ went to Peter's House and healed his mother-in-law... He healed a lot of folks.  The whole city came to see.




article at UBcafe.com.

article at CHIP site.



At our Peter's House, there's a whole lot of healing going on -- social healing among each other.  And God is in this place.


  • Co-op... some contribute $8/day... others without jobs... $0, for now. 
  • Team-meeting every Sat. morning
  • they desire more social interaction with the outside world.
  • Many have jobs during the day... eg. Indianapolis Christian School...
  • William & his wife live there.
  • Some children live there.
  • appx 30 live at the house (at night).
  • [I wonder if we could come down and identify everyone's expertise and/or underutilized resources.]
  • William would like to have an economic program for these folks to profit from helping the neighborhood rise economically. 
  • e-commerce?
  • sell bikes in conjunction with Nancy's Bike Ministry here in the neighborhood.
  • Joseph's friend Joe at Fountain Square has a bike shop.




 And we're just getting started creating this collaboration page for the house.  Stay tuned.





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