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Multicultural Church

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Big Question:  "Do our churches reflect the diverse, multicultural composition built on New Testament principles?" 
And:  "If not, can we really expect the Holy Spirit to break out in great evangelistic & compassionate works here in Indianapolis?"



Kainos 2015 Promo from Kainos Movement on Vimeo.


More multicultural church resources by Derwin Gray 



Perhaps Thabiti Anyabwile hit the nail most squarely on the head at T4G 2008...


 "Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household."

(Eph. 2:19)


Christ consistently taught about a harmonized kingdom, welcoming little children, widows, orphans, poor & poor-in-spirit, Jew & gentile.  The Holy Spirit led the biblical authors to reveal a heavenly multicultural eternity together.  Moreover on earth, Christ clearly indicated that our unity would be a testimony to our testimony.  And He consummately taught us how to pray daily, re such things as: "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".


We know Heaven will be completely integrated -- people from every tribe and language.
Thus how shall we then live, when Christ teaches us to pray for things to BE on earth like they are in heaven?

So for any of us in our Indianapolis churches to PRAY the Lord's Prayer,
and yet DO NOTHING about it... seem nothing short of hypocrisy.


"It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o'clock on Sunday morning, 
the same hour when many are standing to sing:  'In Christ There Is No East Nor West.' " 
~Martin Luther King, Jr., Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story, 1958


Until the Church at Indianapolis more effectively embraces kingdom values,
do we REALLY expect to make a dent in the Great Commission here?
If the multicultural church hasn't yet happened by accident, 
do we really think it'll happen by accident in the future?


Prayer & Intentionality... our keys to the future together in Christ & Indianapolis!



Measurable Outcomes:  Any Multicultural Churches in Indy?

        (using Emerson's definition = better than 80-20 ethnic mix)




Thanks @FaithLafayette and @PresWare11 for these video-clips!


And What's the Intentional Strategy to Effect Change in 'The Church at Indianapolis'?

  • Talk to God about it.  And ask our prayer organizations, teams, and known prayer-warriors to pray about this important issue.
  • Keep pressing the issue, writing about it, talking about it, pointing people to scripture.  See video-clips above.
  • We're now starting to measure progress, by finding & counting such models. And observing.  Maybe documentary.
  • Discover who the local advocates are, and capture video interviews.
  • Continue to actively support CCDA efforts in Indy.
  • Continue bringing people to the UBcafe each Saturday, learning multicultural hospitality.
  • Each of us do what we can do, at the grass-roots level, to be a Christ-like model.
  • Intentionally seek out and connect with various ethnic churches here in our city.
  • Earnestly grapple with heart issues, as we the Church discuss 'immigration'.
  • Ask for other great ideas -- feel free to add more actionable items below.





Connecting Resourceful Leaders (feel free to add your name):




Resource Links:



Thoughts anyone?  We'll be building this page shortly -- please add your links, thoughts, ideas... or even more questions.


  • Do any of you read something in the New Testament leading you to any other conclusions?
  • Some other division in the Church other than just Geo-Church... city by city... down to house-by-house granularity?
  • Here's an awesome, recent CNN article... "Why Many American Prefer Their Sundays Segregated".
  • Wanna start making a difference at the speed of Light?  Begin MULTICULTURAL Facebook groups... eg. UBcafe.
  • In Indianapolis, we'd like to measure the number of MULTICULTURAL churches... and work toward progress in that metric.  See the Indy Scorecard.
  • Here in Indy, our CCDA Affiliates may well comprise the core leaders toward the multicultural Church.
  • Here's a Multicultural Self-Assessment Tool ...affiliated with Chad Brennan, Columbus OH












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