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Indy East

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Greater Indianapolis Mapping Project... -- Eastside:  Warren/Franklin Townships 


WHAT's HAPPENING in East Indy?


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Indy's Near East side within these boundaries

East: Emerson Avenue     West: Interstate 65

North: Mass Ave & 21st Street     South: Railroad Tracks South of Washington Street



Also see Indy - Warren Township




Who's calling for the Church to work together, community by community?




Other Important Links for the Eastside...


  • Child Evangelism Fellowship - www.cefonline.com
  • Great Indy Neighborhoods Initiative (GINI). , visit www.greatindyneighborhoods.org.
  • Indianapolis Neighborhood Liaison for the Eastside -- Tonya Beeler (email)
  • Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic - 1st, 3rd, and Last Saturday of Every Month

    9:00 a.m. Registration --Shepherd Community Center --4107 E Washington Street

    Indianapolis, IN 46201 *Intake meets in building at the rear of the parking lot.                                                                                           web page for other locations, times and service information - www.nclegalclinic.org/resources.htm

  • Near East Side Community Organization (NESCO) - www.enn.org/nesco/nesco.htm



Some Photo Galleries ...






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And here's the Rainbow Book online (secular resources for these same needs).


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