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 Who  What When  Where  Why  How


"Getting the Great Commission Done... 
TOGETHER... in Greater Indianapolis"   





Quickly forming the Joint Christian Response
here in the metro area, re the COVID19 situation.
Transitioning now --> Justice situation.

Join us!  Freshest info @ReadyIndy 






Previous Situation Report:  (SitRep)


There are 770,000 households comprising our 2,000,000 population in the Greater Indianapolis metro area.  13% of our adults hold a biblical/evangelical worldview. That’s up from 12% in 2014 report. National average went down, from 9% to 7% over that same period.  (Barna Cities Report for 2017/2018)


Capabilities Report: 


The 'Church at Indianapolis', imperfect as it is, is alive and well -- well, as well as it is in any stereotypical American city.  Sadly, the Church is fractured and seldom considers itself as 'one' (together).  But this is changing little by little:  Great collaborations are underway.  This year we'll be identifying those, zipcode by zipcode.  Check out the Who What When Where Why How links above.   (This overview is by Neil Cox @IndyChristian)




"It is possible to express God’s love to every man, woman, young person in this city during this decade."   (the shared objective of #Love2020)


During 2020, we aspire to better i#BeTheChurch... together.  To demonstrate progress, we will identify (or catalyze) Christian collaborations in 55 of our 110 metro area zipcodes.




#1  Let's increasingly move toward PERVASIVE #neighboring operations throughout the metro area.


#2  And let's intentionally collaborate toward a CENTRALIZED Ops-Support Hub (Network) to expedite communications and prayer-care-share expertise, in support of the pervasive #neighboring operations mentioned above.


These two strategies are detailed below.


Pervasive #Neighboring Operations:


There are thousands of neighborhoods among our 110 zipcodes.  But Barna City Report cited above indicates that 13% of our adults are bible-believing, practicing evangelicals.  That's 250,000... or appx 1 home out of every 8 homes.  We desire that the '1' home take responsibility for the other 7, living out a prayer-care-share lifestyle.  Is that you?  Get an account at BlessEveryHome (free individual account) to assist you. 


Best of all, churches can get a BlessEveryHome account ($15/mo church account)  and be able to connect all their people together, mapping to their neighborhoods and assisting them in reaching our city with the Good News.


Catch the vision - For instance, Kansas City now has over 2,000 neighborhood 'Lights'.


Stay in touch citywide via the Hub (below).


And here's our metro ministries map.


Fri., November 15, 2019, Christian leaders, liaisons, planners met to discuss developing 1 or more high-priorities for the body of Christ in Greater Indianapolis.  Here are their working-conclusions.  Learn how you, your neighborhood and your church can become part of the 2020 collaborative effort. 
(Email PIO@ReadyIndy.org)


Centralized Support Hub:


The network of collaborative ministries may be called the OpsSupport Hub, or Prayer-Care-Share Hub, or JusticeHub.  Point is:  We need this centralized functionality... for communications, encouragement, expertise & training. 


Here's a start:  WhenYouNeedSomeone.org


And jump onto the ReadyIndy newsletter list... as they prepare ReadyChristians and ReadyChurches... in Indy... to become a ReadyCity"Fit your feet with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace." (Eph6)


Communications Briefing:  


When the mission is both urgent & important...
"Twitter is how we roll in Indy."


The @IndyTimeline account tweets & retweets upcoming events/activities you'd want to know about.
And here's the consolidated 2019 timeline.
(Want to get YOUR events onto the timeline?)


The 'Comm Team' twitter list-feed is comprised of tweets from over 200 of our most collaborative Indianapolis Christ-followers on Twitter.


Or check out this list-feed of over 200 Indy Churches here with an official twitter account.


Scoring what's most important:  


 About Indy Scorecard  [Edit]








About the cityreaching movement in Indianapolis...


What...is cityreaching... and WHY?


We've seldom even heard the expression:  'the Church at Indianapolis'.  And who has ever talked about the traditional model as a 'citywide team on a mission'?


And btw, "how has that worked out for ya?"



Might we be more effective in the future by WORKING TOGETHER?  What does the Bible say about harmony of the 'body'?  If YOU would like to work together for CHANGE... you're welcome to add your link below.  Then stay in touch with the Indy Timeline -- jump in and get involved as practical.  And advocate among your friends to do likewise.









WHEN are collaborative meetings & events going on here in Indy?











WHO are 'cityreachers'?

 (and what is TEAMWORK?)


It's ALL of us who are intentionally working TOGETHER, as part of the tapestry of the (Bible-believing) body of Christ in our communities.  Below is a grid that we're just now STARTING to fill in, re folks who are not only 'connected' now, but also 'committed' to certain functions within the metro cityreaching strategy.  Stay tuned!  In the meantime, check out their 11 IPS School-neighborhoods and the clusters of churches supporting those schools through prayer, tutoring/mentoring, and other neighborhood initiatives -- the green School-houses mapped on our metro ministries map


'ReadyIndy'... metro chapter of Christian Emergency Network


Unite Indy... "Together we can make a difference."



Geo Grid Contacts ZipCodes
Div1 MarionCounty  
      Urban Center    
      Urban Northside    
      Urban Eastside  
      Urban Southside    
      Urban Westside    
Div2 Hamilton/Madison  Neil 
      Carmel-Westfield  Neil 
46032 46033 
Div3 Hancock/Shelby  
Div4 Johnson/Morgan  Ben 
Div5 Hendricks/Boone  




Add your COLLABORATIVE ministry links below...








WHERE in Indy does cityreaching take place?


See the Greater Indianapolis metro map we're building together, and drill-down into YOUR neighborhood...


And add YOUR neighborhoods, ministries, Bible-study or cell-group.

(and we're also linking to some other 'maps' there as well... eg... neighborhood maps, crime maps, etc.) 










HOW will we go about reaching our communities for Christ?


For now, we'll just summarize our strategy to collaboratively carry out these 3 easy-to-remember functions...




And along the way, we would like to think we're learning/sharpening what 'TEAMWORK' needs to look like and become.  Your thoughts?



Join in -- it takes ALL of us!








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