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How To Put Up A Flyer

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How To Put Up A Flyer On The Web...



Example:  You'd like to post a flyer to the web, that you have already produced.


Btw, hopefully you have already turned it into a .pdf -- which makes it easier for folks to see on the web, without having to own a copy of MS Word ($99).   [If you don't know how to produce a .pdf... here's an easy method I use.... PDF995.com but there are lots of different ways people use.  Good luck.]



  • #1 -- Understand this oversimplification... Each item on the web -- pictures, videos, sound-files, flyers, and of course, web-pages -- each has it's own unique URL (web-address).



    Btw... a little aside... Think of a web 'page' as a wall... with a window cut out of it.  Thus you can see a car parked outside... but you know that car isn't part of the wall, right?  It's really an item sitting somewhere else.  Similarly, webpages don't (typically) really have pictures or videos on them -- they have cut-outs through which you can see a picture (or video, etc.) that really is sitting somewhere else on the web, ok?



  • #2 -- Your church or ministry may already have posted your somewhere... thus all you'd have to do to publicize it, is know the URL of that flyer they posted.  But assuming they've NOT posted it for you... here's how YOU can easily do it yourself...




  • #3 -- Find a place on the web where YOU have the ability to SAVE something... say here at the CityReaching wiki.   [For a quick primer and the password, see the 'How To Participate' link in the sidebar.]





  • #4 -- Uploading/attaching your .pdf file to any wiki-page here is easy.   First, you must start 'EDIT'ing the wiki-page (by hitting the EDIT button above.  Try it.  You can upload/attach your pdf to this page even.



  • #5 -- Once you're in the EDIT mode here.... place the arrow/cursor in an appropriate spot on the page... say one of the available bullets below.  See the little Attach File item up on the format bar above... Ok click it.




  • #6 -- You'll see a little dialog-box asking you to BROWSE your hard-drive, find your .pdf flyer file... and then click the UPLOAD button to actually upload it to our wiki.  Click Ok, and la voila, you (almost) have your flyer ready. 



  • #7 -- Hit the SAVE button at the bottom of the wiki-page.



  • #8 -- Your flyer is uploaded and ready to use... But of course, remember, it's only attached to the wikipage... so you need to know the URL where your flyer pdf REALLY resides.  And that's easily known.  One way is to just click on your flyer-link here on the wikipage.... and when it comes up, notice the URL up on the top of your browser-screen -- that's it.    Once you know your flyer's URL, you can publicize it a million different ways.




Some Good Ways To Publicize Your Flyer....



  • Email your friends the link (URL) to it.
  • Write a brief announcement on websites you have access to.  [eg... IndyChristian.com]
  • Share the link on your Facebook profile.
  • Ask your Facebook friends to share your link also.
  • Encourage your church/ministry webmaster to add your flyer-link or announcement to the church/ministry website.
  • Add the link to an applicable page here in the wiki... eg... 'See You At The Pole' wiki-page.

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