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Shelter / Housing....


-- a major NEED in our communities.


Sometimes a very urgent need created by Disasters.  See our EmergencyMgmt page.



Sometimes an immediate need (for other reasons)...


Btw, let's not forget...



Question:  What's the biggest informational need right now re Homelessness?

  • Finding out who, which ministries are willing to commit to help.
  • Eg. Revolution Church.
  • And what resources they bring to the table.


Question:  How might we come alongside Wheeler (as the leader), and help via social media?



Note:  Mike U says he's trying to get Kyle ot convert his pushpin map to Google Maps.


Permanent Housing initiative?  (.ppt)


Tech Question:  'Every' homeless person has a cell phone.  Store their key info, to be able to transfer easily into our social agency's forms?


[Cell phones are their 'connection' to the rest of the world.  Moreover, it's the only thing they still have or can 'hold on to'.]


Question:  How about 'adopting' a homeless person into your cell phone family?  Just need 'parental control'.  Maybe Wheeler does it?  Sheltering Wings does something similar, per Stvn.    Phones are readily available, via donations.  Think #911.  Require #211 access? 


CHIP, Wheeler... get a socially-adept volunteer to lead such an effort.


Other Housing-related Needs & Resources:


  • Resources:  Temporary MISSIONS/MISSIONARIES housing is somewhat available on the southside of town, in conjunction with a major Missions organization there.
  • Resources:  Temporary gym-floor-space, mattresses & showers... for outreach activities (like Great Banquet)... and disaster-relief teams traveling through Indy and staying overnight.   Contact @IndyChristian


Stray Thoughts, Ideas, Links:

  • Cold-weather Shelter idea:  At the very very least, can churches perhaps open their AIRLOCKs to the homeless, to be able to get in out of the extreme cold?



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