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Greater Indianapolis Map

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IndyChristian.NET... a neighborhood ministry-map...


View Larger Map


Also see Zip Prayer Map 


Also see FHL / Food Pantries & Resources Map 


Also see Indy Prayer #NoPlaceLeft map 


Learn more about Mapping? 


Video Project (on hold)... 'Exegeting Indy' -- With your help, we'll capture interviews & insights from various neighborhoods around the city.  "Share what you know, admit what you don't know, learn what you should know, inspire to praise the Lord, aspire to do more." 


Click this link and get involved... [Exegeting Your Neighborhood]  Help us understand YOUR neighborhood, and who's working together in the name of Christ and to His glory.



Geo Grid Ready Bible Prayer Care Share Discipling Communications
 Citywide/Metro MikeB 
 Merlin   Eldon  Neil
Marion County              
      Urban Northside MikeB            MikeB 
      Urban Eastside     Anthony 
      Urban Southside Bill T             
      Urban Westside              
      Urban Center              
      Nora-Castleton   EricB      EricB
Hamilton/Madison Co (map)              
      Carmel-Westfield Neil    RobG 
Hancock/Shelby Co              
     New Palestine               
Johnson/Morgan Co Ben         Ben   
Hendricks/Boone Co             Crystal
Beyond Indy Kevin          Eldon  Melanie





Consider the Geo-Church And even clickable down to the Neighborhood level.  And not just traditional 'churches', but Bible-believing ministries, cell groups, neighborhood coffee klatches, bible-study groups, Christian schools & homeschooling groups, Christian businesses etc.  We've even started plotting some of the common (wireless) coffee hotspots where believers get together.  Bottom line, where are the Great Commission players who are anxious to work together to be more effective as 'salt & light' in our city... on our watch?  If your  group, church, school, ministry or Christian-owned business isn't already on the map, just add your info below and we'll plot it shortly.  In general, we will try to align our geo-mapping areas with Faith Hope & Love (FHL) geo-teams...  currently... Noblesville, Northwest/Nora, Castleton/Fishers, Carmel, Eastside, Urban 1, Urban 2, Westside, Greenwood, Other Southside.  Here's a new FHL crowdmapping tool.


Add a pdf for churches in YOUR neighborhood... like this one, from the UBcafe neighborhood.


Marion County -- Northside






Marion County -- Eastside





Marion County -- Far Eastside - Warren Township.

                        SEE MAP ON THAT PAGE




Marion County -- Southside





Marion County -- Westside




Marion County -- Pike Township




Marion County -- Center Urban



Hamilton County (map) -- Click Carmel-Westfield page for greater detail



Hendricks County --



Johnson County --



Madison County --



Morgan County -- 




Or if YOU have created a neighborhood map, etc... list its link below.



Wish you could create such a map?  

Visit our Internet Tool Bin at 'Ask Anything Saturday'.


Visit the CityReaching Research wiki-page for community demographics, crime stats, etc.  [Here's one great Indianapolis-demographics page at City-Data.com.]


Geo-Related Matters...




Other Neighborhood Links (secular)




Indianapolis Neighborhood Liaisons...







Show name, address, and link to their website where more info can be obtained.  [How to participate here on the wiki..]
And last but not least... GLOBAL mapping... via WorldMap.org --

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