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Great Commission Series

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Great Commission Series...



We want to initiate a thought-leadership forum to now start discussing some of these 'Big Questions' posed by cityreachers.  So let's start compiling our thoughts, ideas, links, etc... that could help this to happen in the not-distant future.


  • Who... Bible-believing pastors, ministry-leaders, and innovators... who would commit to participate in a series of important discussions.  Possibly limit the number of participants in order to build trust, comradery and ultimately, actionable conclusions.


  • What... a series of quarterly in-depth discussions... of major interest leading to greater action citywide to indeed carry out the Great Commission as described and assigned by Christ.  Discussions might intentionally touch on all 4 key perspectives each time... and attempt to build on the previous forum.  We might intentionally set Friday afternoon as our target, starting with lunch together before entering into the main set of discussions.  Plan to be done by 4pm.
  • When... start say in September 2008... then January '09, April '09, July '09, Oct '09... and 4 per year thereafter.  Individual commitments might only be annual.
  • Where... Initially this idea is being formulated in Indy.  Are there other cities that have already done such a thing?
  • Why...    To expedite the Great Commission in our city(s)... especially by bringing some key thought-leaders to an ongoing forum from which to help add ideas & perhaps even accelerated guidance, to collaborative team efforts citywide.
  • How... Let's select some key collaborative types who are well-grounded in scripture & application of it.  Get together for coffee & discuss the concept further, and see where it goes.  Calendarize potential dates as soon as possible.



  • Commitment Level?   That is, what might we ask each participant to solidly commit to?
    • 4 Friday afternoons during the first year.
    • Hang in there together -- don't let the devil win by breaking it up.
    • Reach actionable conclusions for each session.  It's about trying to bring our theology to bear on lives & communities.
    • Prepare for each session... ie, Bible-study in advance; maybe write a one-pager re the upcoming topic; post it in a collaborative location so we can all study your thoughts ahead of time, etc.
    • Know in advance, the 4 sessions will probably address in order... "God's Perspective", "Neighbors Perspective", "Internal Processes Perspective", and "Change, Learning, Growth, Innovation Perspective".





R.S.V.P. below if you'd like an invite to the table and could commit to the 4 quarterly discussions...






Discussion Thread...


  • (Neil)   One 'big question' that could be asked... and especially helpful if written out and made available... "What's YOUR city-plan for getting the Whole Commission done in our city, on our watch?"  By each of us writing that out, it would force us to sharpen our own thoughts about our common mission.  We'd be a lot sharper then, when we actually get to the discussion table.  And seriously, I believe it would humble each of us, knowing full well, we cannot -- even with the best of ministries in the city -- get it done on our own.  We all need each other.  No surprise there, huh?

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