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Employment Ministries...


SecondChanceIndy - affiliated with UniteIndy.  (Encouraging stories


Jobs for Life - Jobs Partnerships - affiliated with UniteIndy 


Tenpoint Youth Summer Jobs Progrram



Evotionals from #TruthAtWork






Secular or Faith-based Resources:





Start a business -- 'entrepreneurial' ideas & links below.  Remember, many of our guys have 3 strikes against them from the start, when competing for 'traditional' jobs.  This may call for innovative thinking and collaboration to truly provide meaningful income for those homes.  Help us below, if you can.


  • Ebay & other online buying/selling capabilities
  • Review the YMEN model of our CCDA friends in Chiago.
  • Java Chaplains hats... or other wearables.
  • Computers -- refurbished.   And computer-training.
  • Scanning business?
  • Fix up neighborhood abandoned homes?
  • Get listed on Angie's List.
  • Get some business training.
  • [Entrepreneurial training in Indy?]
  • Help from Retired Executives?
  • Help from INRC?
  • Help from IvyTech, IUPUI, or other educational institutions?
  • Help from online educational institutions?
  • Grants?  



Other ideas, links, etc...


  • Household budget training...  [remember 'Finance University' at Grace & Peace?  And no doubt many other churches are doing great work in this arena... we just need to find them.]
  • Investment clubs, advisors, etc. ???
  • What other employment-related issues & answers do we need to try to address in here?
    • Transportation issues
    • Creating apprenticeships.
    • Creating eBay capabilities at our urban computing centers.   (Online commerce avoids 3 major strikes against many inner-city folks... Skin-color, felony-record, and lack of education-degree.)
  • FatherResource.org (associated with It Takes Two program.
  • Stock-market training?
  • Twitter.com... monitor #Jobs  #Indy  #Indianapolis  #IndyJobs  etc.
  • TruthAtWork -- an workplace-focused ministry in our area.
  • Christian Businessmen's Committee (CBMC) - "Connecting Businessmen to Christ".  Weekly breakfast bible-studies.  Life-on-Life mentoring called "Operation Timothy".  And Business Forums (clusters of businessmen serving each other as wise-counselors).







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