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DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative

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[We've started a page here for some notes from Indianapolis guys involved with the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative (Indianapolis cohorts)... in hopes of learning from each other here in the CityReaching wiki knowledge-base.]



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Aaron Shelby writes:

Local Workshop - Community Capacity Building

Bob Lupton, facilitator  [From Neil:  Aaron... here's an unrelated-yet-related audio-file of Bob Lupton discussing gentrification.  Slow-load, but worth it!  Hat-tip, Jeremy Del Rio]

Defining Terms


Urban Ministry: (1) Service Provider, (2) Community Organizing, (3) Neighbor Leader


Cummunity Development


Key Principles of Community Transformation

Holistic Vision

Community Ownership (wth the residents in the neighborhood; not for the residents in the neighborhood)

Mutual Transformation

Long-term Sustainability

Empowered Young People

Asset-based View of Community

Possible Vision

Discussions around a transformation project with urban residents and suburban partners

Employment vision & budget

Housing and property acquisition vision & budget

Multiple small neighborhood prayer-celebration houses (i.e., small churches) that plant small groups on redemptive mission; vision & budget

Para-church evangelism and discipleship vision & budget

Bible college interns vision & budget

Business partner to create economic vehicle to help form a sustainable transformation project

Human relations chaplain vision & budget

From Individual Ministry to Community Development

Individual betterment (give a fish - charity) vs. Individual development (teach to fish - skills)

Community betterment (gain access to another lake) vs. Community development (buy the pond - business plan)

Create an opportunity for exchange

(Ex. Food Pantry to Multiple Food Co-op to purchase from food bank to Pie, cake and lunch for Food Co-op participants to developing restuarant - grant proposal and business plan)

(Ex. Thift Store: clothing and gifts)

Mailboxes, Stucco and Graffiti: Learning to Read and Assess the Story of an Urban Community


Half-full or Half-empty? A vision of a Healthy Community

Focus on what IS there, not what ISN'T


Informal community associations


Outside help

Neighborhood Assets Map 

Individual capacities

Gifts of labeled people

Associations of business

Home-based enterprise

Citizen associations

Religious organizations

Individual businesses

Cultural organizations

Personal income 


J. Perkins - We are facing a crisis more severe than the breakdown of the family and that is the breakdown of community.


Types of Ministry Growth

  • Growing Up - Adapts to new needs as kids get older
  • Growing Out - Increases outreach activity to impact more kids
  • Growing Deep - Broadens the range of services to develop kids and their community

Possible Vision - Creating a model for "Community Transformation"

  • Growing Up - Small neighborhood churches with "transformational small groups"
  • Growing Out (expanding geographically) - Para-church ministries, teen programs, and adult programs with partners
  • Growing Deep (friendships/mentoring/discipleship/community action) - Small groups in action, DeVos 15-month Program - next generation of community developers program

(Dance example) - Young man introduced into dance - Moving In the Spirit (MITS) to instructing the younger children to college level performing arts school to performing arts as tool in communicating a message that strengthens the community - Men In Motion (MIM)


Naciragua  Community Developer - Never do for others what they can do for themselves, no matter how long it takes.


CYD Basic Assumptions

  • Asset-Based Community Development
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Community Youth Development

"To engage youth in creating a healthy environment in which all of the community members can thrive." 


Seizing an Opportunity for Community Revitalization - Part 1

Seizing an Opportunity for Community Revitalization - Part 2


Barriers to Collaborative Change

  • Organizational Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Values Conflicts
  • Boundary Issues


Possible Vision - Coalition

Board Representation & Training

Shared Vision & Values

Communication Technology

Clarify Goal Statement


Transition Planning

Core Content Review

Personal Reinforcement & Application



DeVos Local Dialog Group, July 28th

C. Province

2322 Guilford





This is Phil@nppn.org -



What about the role of the Holy Spirit in determining values, budgets, goals, using technology, planning, assessing assets ...?

[Phil... Personally, I'd love to see you Add New Page... and very specifically speak to that great question.  We'd gladly add it among the "Big Questions" of CityReaching.]




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