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Community TV

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The 'Wiki Encyclopedia of CityReaching' is collaboratively sponsored by the 'Center For Urban Innovation'... "Producing Innovative CityReachers."



"New Media for Community Change" 


...Consider this proto-type gadget for its future value as a significant Communications device for the cityreaching movement in any city or neighborhood.  Any city or community could build one.  Can you envision its potential when available on most cell phones?


 And here's a daily 'community tv'  prototype in Indy...

[Click to IndyChristian.TV to see how one city uses theirs.]




  • The community tv player can be resized.  Larger or smaller.  Or even full-screen.
  • It can play publically-available video content found at any major video site.
  • You can play this community-tv gadget on your website, including Facebook & MySpace.
  • Your friends & colleagues can play it through their websites.
  • It can be LIVE... or just a playlist of your favorite videos.
  • You could produce your own channel... .
  • Or you could produce a channel collaboratively for your city.


Point is...


  • If you care about impacting YOUR community for Christ...
  • And if you think this new form of user-level media can help...
  • Note:   See other Media Center concepts for cityreaching.
  • We can very easily help you get started with any of these... Contact us.













If you embed 'Blews.TV' into your website...

 ...we'd like to reciprocally send some surfers your direction.  So add your link below.


  • Blews.TV Network -- Blogs + News + TV = Blews.TV... a 50-state network of community-focused new-media sites.
  • UBcafe.com -- Unleavened Bread Cafe, Indianapolis
  • IndyChristian.TV -- 'Accelerating Driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World'
  • IndyChristian.com -- 'Accelerating Driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World'
  • CityReaching.TV -- Proliferating the concept of LIVE TV for communities.
  • ModelChurch.com -- Blogging the 'model church' we read about in scripture.
  • AskAnythingSaturday.com -- Learning Together in the Neighborhood



And if you blog us...

 ...that's cool too!  Add your link below.


  • Nhood.org -- Neighborhood-by-Neighborhood Blog
  • UBcafe.com -- Unleavened Bread Cafe, Indianapolis
  • IndyChristian.com -- 'Connecting Driven Christians in the Racing Capital of the World'
  • Blews.Network -- Blogs + News = Blews... a 50-state network of community-focused websites.
  • CityReaching.org -- 'Wiki Encyclopedia of CityReaching'




And lastly... As Jesus said...

... "Tweet others as you would have them tweet you."









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