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Also see Houston CityReaching wiki-knowledgebase page.





(leave room for map)

CEN Incident Map (ask us for access).

(Google-map of Jefferson County, TX)


Note:  Port Arthur itself is significantly poorer than the MSA.  Its 20,000 homes/families have a median income of $26,500... near the national poverty level.  Hurricane Harvey (2017) dropped 26 inches of rain in 24-hours, flooding 20,000 of the 20,000 homes.


Update(s):  See Houston page where we'll see all the various types of updates.


Article:  Fire (9/19/2017) releases an estimated 1,000,000 pounds of emissions.


Twitter:  Updates by Searching for 'PortArthur'.



Churches & Ministries:  

  • Mt. Sinai Baptist Church - Dr. Randy Vaughn, Sr. Pastor (CEN affiliated).  Incident Command Center (for CEN) has been established at this location.  Processing intake forms, and meeting needs as possible.  Stay tuned for further updates.



See Wikipedia pages for Beaumont & Port Arthur.  Both are in the Beaumont-PortArthur MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) largely comprised of Jefferson County (as well as Hardin, Newton, Orange counties).








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